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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Alisha and cheer team!

Tonight was the pep rally for Cameron University Aggies. They were announcing the men and women's basketball players. Also the cheer and dance teams.  Had free food and drinks.  Looked like they had enough pizza for a huge army.  They also gave away lots of great gifts.  I seen several people I knew.  It was a great time for everyone.  Well...except Mr. C about had a series of small heart attacks every time they threw Alisha up in the air.  Scares him to death!

I had no ideal that Cameron University did anything like this.  So am very honored that Alisha invited me and her dad to come over and see what it was all about.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Let me talk about or a minute today.    I have been a member for 2,698 days which is 7 years now.  My stats are low only because I tend to forget about this awesome site.  For the ones who doesn't know about Postcrossing it is where you send and receive postcards from different countries.  Some members will do direct swaps with you as well.  I have sent and received 194 postcards as of today.  I had 3 postcards in my mailbox today.  One from Hil from France, Macy sent one from Tokyo Japan and one from USA Riley sent it to me.
Tokyo Japan

When I seen my stats it  makes me want to send more postcards off.  Right now I can have 12 postcards traveling.  Unfortunately I have started to run low on postcards and only have 4 traveling.  Is there anyone else who belongs to Postcrossing? If so what are your thoughts on it?


Everyone have a great day.  Karen