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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. I am so grateful for my family and friends. This is a day to reflect and be grateful for everything that has happened in the past year. I really miss my mom and grandma. This was their holiday that they went all out for.
Aaron and I went with Kendall to eat lunch with his family. I so love his sisters! I am grateful that Kendall has remained in our life after mom passed.
Can't wait for Mr. C to get home tonight. I am going to cook us Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. I am prepping some of it tonight. I also need to get on cleaning house. I haven't done much this week. I worked more than usual at the flower shop...anyhoo that is my excuse.
I need to get caught up on a couple of my journal swaps. The 30 day project is due in just a few days and I have several pages I have to get done. Also the journal for Nov is due. Uugh..I think from now on I am keeping the journals down to just a couple a month. I really want to host another mini journal of randomness. It went really well last time. I also am angeling a song lyric journal that I haven't even started on yet. Goodness I need to get off here and get some work done.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Menu Making Day!!

Hump day is here for me. If things go well at the flower shop I can get home at noon or so. I still haven't bought grocerys for our Thanksgiving on Friday. I got up at 5am to take shower and relax. I still need to clean good before Mr. C. gets home Thursday night. He is going to be surprised to find that I have decorated just a little for Christmas.
Last night my niece Kaylee stayed the night with me. She is such a smart and creative girl. I need to spend more time with her. I just get busy and focus on my own world. Aaron stayed all night with Coby last night. Then Trevor stayed all night with Grandma Berdine. Brody went to stay several days with his buddy Calvin down by Ardmore Oklahoma. Alisha is with her mom and Blake is at work. Wow they all are somewhere:)
I still haven't made up my mind for the menu Friday. I might better get busy and make it out. Am thinking I should run to Sam's this afternoon and get a few items. But do I really want to take 2 hours out of my day for a couple of items? I will have to think more on that as the day goes by.
My brother Stacy gave me his debit card to help him out with some bills. I wish he would have done so several months ago. He is so behind and not being focused on the important stuff in life. I know he took mom's death really hard but he needs to clear his head and get back on track.
I guess I will close here it is now 6 am and I need to get ready for this cold day.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Good Morning

I am not a morning person but for whatever reason this morning I was up at 4am. I laid there in bed for awhile and then thought I would watch a few of the dvr shows I have saved. It is now 5am and I think I am sleepy. Of course today is the day I want to clean on the house, do laundry and get my Christmas decorations up. I went and bought quite a bit of decorations yesterday.

Trevor had a Wrestling Tournament yesterday. He lost both of his matches. That little guy does a great job, he just hasn't been doing it as long as the other guys. I am sure at the end of the season he will get more moves down and give them a run for the money.

My nephew Hunter came in 1st place! Hunter is 4 years old and a live firecracker!

Well I am getting sleepy and I do have a full day ahead of me. I am going to lay down for a hour or so and then pop back up and start my day.

It is going to be a awesome day! God is Good!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Crazy Thursday!

Yesterday was out usual day to get Luther off to work at Shreveport La. I always dread this day but after 2 years have gotten use to it some. It feels like a piece of my heart is ripped out every time he leaves.

Then at 2:45 had to have Blake at the foot dr. in Duncan Ok. Dr. Wright said his foot is rapid healing!! I am so proud to hear that!!
Then Blake and I went shopping. We went to Cruther's western wear and Stockman's. I ended up buying Blake a pair of jeans...Cinch Carters that he really likes. We also went to Murf's guns. I didn't go in because I am not about guns at all! We really had a good time together.

I also ran up to my brother Stacy's house in Oklahoma City last night. We really had a good but fast visit. It is nice to connect with your family every now and then.

Today I had better get up and around and get Trevor to school. Our drive to school takes 25 minutes. He doesn't like to be late it usaully doesn't bother me:))

Have a great and productive day.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Blessed Day!

I am so very thankful for every day I have with my loved ones. As I reflect back on my life there is so many things I wished I had done different. I will have to roll with you learn as you live. I have never said I was perfect but the big mistakes I have made embarras me greatly. I am going to make peace with God and get right with my life. I can't change the past but I sure can change my future. God is good even in the bad times.

Thanksgiving is upon us. I want this year's Thanksgiving to be special. Especially since losing Grandma and mom back in May. I miss them very much. Looks like the family won't be getting together this year which is horrible because that isn't what they would have want out of us. If I was organized I would cook a huge dinner and invite everyone and if they showed up great and if not that is okay also.

Now I need to get busy doing some letter writing and crafting! My favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday is the day...

Today is the day I need to do laundry, catch up on my games on facebook, cook a meal or two for the upcoming week, and do some decluttering. Does it sound like I will get it all done? Of course I won''t get it all done but some of it will make me very happy! This morning I have played on facebook and worked a little in my craft room. That room is a disaster!! I have also done 2 loads of laundry so far. I stepped into my bonus daughter's room and she has a HUGE pile of clothes that I need to wash. In fact I found 8 towels?!? So I am going to surprise her and get her clothes all done before she comes back to stay with us. We usually have her every other week. She usually only brings 1 or 2 items to laundry room for me to wash at one time..not sure why.

Swap bot business...I have 4 swaps I need to be working on today to get in the mail tomorrow. The everything journal is packed up and ready to go. That leaves Christmas cards (6 partners) a random envelope, a letter and tea swap. I also need to catch up on my long term journal.

When I get going on the swap stuff I also would like to write at least 3 penpal letters. I need to do that because falling behind isn't a good feeling. Feeling overwhelmed makes me nuts!

My kitchen table looks horrible with swaps and stuff all over it. Just as long as no one shows up I will be okay.

Last night Cherrie and I went to Norman Oklahoma. We went on the hunt for a new bedroom bedding set for her. We had no luck finding one. We enjoyed eating at The Olive Garden. Just getting out of our regular routine was awesome.

My goal this month is to blog 6 or more times. I have lots to say I just need to say it!

Have a Great Sunday!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Catching up on the latest news!

I couldn't seem to get on here and post a blog. Not sure if I was depressed or just lost in my own world. When I find myself getting depressed I try very hard to talk my self out of it. If that doesn't help I focus on reading so I can escape the real world. That usually does the trick when I pick up a book and read about other people and their lives. When I start to feel "normal" or what ever that is suppose to be then I merge back into the real world.

Blake broke his foot 2 weeks ago. Yes of course he was riding on his 4~wheeler. I am thankful it wasn't a worse injury.

Trevor hurt his knee about 1 1/2 weeks ago. He was playing at a football game for school. The Dr. told him he was done with football for the season. But the worse news was he might not be able to do his tournament wrestling. You should have seen his poor face I thought he was going to cry. For the good news his knee is much better and he can resume most of his normal activities, unless the knee starts to really hurt then we will have to do a MRI on it.

My house is needing lots of TLC, that is also something I neglect when I am fighting with my bout of depression. Then when i am "ME" I can see how bad the house has got. As in not dusting or doing any deep cleaning that no one seems to notice but me. No one helps me on the house but I am okay with that. Means my job is

OHHH!!!! We bought me a new car Oct 29th! I got a 2010 Chrysler 300 and it is white. I LOVE IT!!!!