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Monday, May 21, 2012

Busy Bee

This weekend I was busy outside working on our rock garden.  This area has been neglected for way too long, about 8 years.  I want to find a fountain and some full sun plants to put out there. I may not get it completely finished this summer but will get alot of it done.  I am not normally a outdoor person but it sure felt good to be working in the soil and pulling weeds.  Sure made for a great therapy session.

Yesterday I went to Elk City to spend the night with Mr. C.  I listened to the audio book The Divorce Party and the 3 hour road trip flew by for me.  I left this morning at 4:30 am and when I got home I did dishes (from Brody) and a load of clothes and then went outside and picked up limbs and such from around the rock garden.  Then was at flower shop by 9 am.  A very productive morning. 

Took Trevor back to Dr. Lewis his foot surgeon.  His foot is hurting him really bad. So now he is back in boot for 3 to 6 weeks.  Looks like another summer with no playing ball.  Am hoping we can get his foot figured out soon! Hate to see him in pain.

Guess I will close for now! I need to get busy doing something while I am here at flower shop...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Birthday Week!!

Oh my goodness I turn 45 years old May 9th!  I haven't celebrated my birthday in several years (since my mom and grandma passed in May 2010.)  So I feel like 45 is a great age to be and I wanted to celebrate in a good way.  So I started off by going to Grapevine Mills Outlet Mall Saturday with Trevor and my Aunt Kathy.  Shopped alot and finished the day eating at the Rainforest Cafe and Melissa (my cousin) joing us for the evening.  Then Sunday I went to Elk City and stayed till Tuesday morning. (Today).  Mr. C and I had a great time and it was just nice to be able to relax.  Of course I went to my favorite nail salon LCD in Elk City and got a full set of nails and a much needed pedicure.  I also went by to see if the hairdresser I use in Elk City was in but she was booked.  I was going to get my hair done as well.  But will give Kari a call here in Marlow, Okla and book with her next week.  Since this is Mother's Day week we are going to be a little crazy at the flower shop so I don't want to make any appointments in case I have to work.

I plan on being at the flower shop Tue, Wed, and Thursday. Then Mr. C will be home Thursday night.  I need to figure out something to put in crock pot for us to eat that evening.  I may even make a huge pot of chili since we haven't had that in awhile.  I will freeze part of it for later.  Last week I made mexican casserole and froze a 9 x 13 pan of it and toward the end of the week it disappeared! Am sure one of the kids found it and had a midnight snack.  So I am thinking I should make 2 more casseroles for the freezer.

Have a great day!  Karen

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Beautiful Day!

Today is going to be perfect! Why? Because I woke up in a great mood and am ready to tackle some much needed chores around the house.  I finally got Trevor's room completed! Yea for me as it was a all day chore.  My next round is either my craft/sun room or the shop.  In the shop I have a zillion tubs of crafts and books that I need to sort thru and get rid of half of the clutter.  This would please Mr. C VERY much! I am going to put that I have lots of craft items on my facebook page and see if anyone wants them.  If not then I will take to goodwill.  I have lots of great items but way too many of them.

Mr. C is still not feeling well.  Today his chest is back to hurting. I could tell that he didn't feel great yesterday.  But I didn't censor him by telling him NOT to mow the yard or working on my list of honey do chores. I hope while I am at the flower shop this morning he is resting. 

Guess what? We have cooked every night since Thursday!  I may not have mentioned this but we tend to eat out every meal.  Tonight we are having homemade burritos and nachos.  I believe Mr. C is doing the cooking since I cooked last night.

My computer is still down.  I plan on going back and uploading photo's once I get the computer up and going.  So please be patient with me until that happens.  What would it take? Well me making a phone call to Hughes Net and getting someone out to our house.  With us living in the rural part of Oklahoma that can take forever. 

Everyone have a great week. Karen