Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summertime blues

I haven't been on in awhile because of Aaron. We finally got him in the hospital Monday 18th and he got out Monday 25th! It was a long week. Duncan Regional needs to think about getting comfie chairs in the room especially during the night hours for moma's like me who stayed the nights. Yes I know he is old enough to stay by himself but I felt like he needed me with him. He had surgery Tuesday 19th on his finger. He had Mrsa..which is a horrible infection. He was eating away the inside of his finger. He is still weak today but he is so much better than he was.

Yesterday I took Trevor back to OU children's hospital to get his cast removed. He thought was getting it off and was good to go. Well that wasn't the case and he had to get a aircast on for 6 more weeks. That news made the little guy sick all over. Our plans was to go back to school shopping after Dr. visit. He insisted on going home' said he had a bad headache. So he did let me run into Michael's craft store to buy some journal items to use. He didn't even want to stop at Sonic in Oklahoma City before we started the 1 1/2 hour trip back home. That says a lot about how upset he was.

At Michaels craft store I finally broke down and bought my butterfly punch. It was $18.00 and I had been eyeballing it for some time. Last night when I got home I used it to make several punches to use in the new journal I am making for a swap! I ordered a dragonfly punch and hope it arrives soon! I didn't realize how much the punches cost. Although I know they really make cute journal pages and such.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Life is crazy!!

Yesterday I took Aaron to OU Children's Hospital at Oklahoma City. He has infection in his finger. They squeezed some of the infection home and put him on a antibotic and sent us home. He was in pain but they wouldn't give him anything for pain. He did not sleep at all last night. So this morning Grandpa Kendall took him to Duncan Regional Hospital to the ER room. They lanced it open and gave him more antibotics and pain pills. Finger hurts but he said it wasn't as bad as yesterday.

Tomorrow my mom's side of the family is having a small quick get together. This morning my cousin text me and tells me it has been called off. Then at 6pm she text and tells me it is on again. I just tell her I have already made plans. I don't like the whole off then on then off again feeling. Anyways we have to take Aaron back to ER to have the packing removed from his finger. So that will take up some of my day.

Work today went well. I was alone for several hours and it was slow. I actually got some projects out of the way. I also worked on swap bot. I have 3 swaps I have to get out in the mail tomorrow morning.

We have had 23 straight days of over 100 degrees. Today it said it was 113 degrees. That is just too hot for me! I don't do heat real well.

It is 9pm and I need to get off here and get some stuff done before I head to bed. Good night everyone!!