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Friday, August 17, 2012

Surgery Day on Mr C.

Mr. C had gallbladder surgery about 12:30 pm.  When Dr O. came out to let me know how he was he told me that he also did a hernia repair on his belly button.  Oh No! That won't sit well with Mr C. as he likes to know things before they happen.  At 4 pm we are leaing hospital for home.  We get to Marlow Medicine and would you believe the pain prescription is dated for tomorrow.  So he will have to suffer thru the night unless I can find something at home that might help.  Am pretty sure that Advil is not going to touch his pain.

While he was in surgery I read a book on my Tablet and worked on a pen pal letter.  Reading is easier while waiting than projects I am working on for swaps or whatever.

Am still loving friendship books and label bags.  But guess what I have discovered slams!!  Yes they are now going to be a habit as well!!  I actually made 3 to put in my fb swaps!  Mine was titled  getting to know you.  So I asked lots of questions!  Wish I had decorated them a little more than I did!  Next ones I make I plan on making really cute ones...

Just wanted to get everyone caught up on my hectic August! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Friendship Books

Recently I started doing friendship books and label bags and goodie bags.  I have found them to be so much fun! Although I will say it does take some work as well  Such as making my labels and putting them in friendship books that just arrived.  At home right now I have a medium size priority box that came in today full of friendship books.  It is taking everything I have not to go home early from work!! It will be so much fun looking at the friendship books. Seems like fb's has taken over everything else.  I don't want to craft, journal or do swap bot with this new found hobby! Does anyone else get consumed with one hobby and put the rest on the back burner like me?

Although I have been sending out a few postcards thru walltype and am enjoying it alot.  But it has been at least a week since I have even done that.

Yesterday I got my first postcard thru send something!  Can't even tell you how excited I was over that postcard.  It was from Carla and I have read her blog many times. The postcard was from Texas and had blue bonnets on it.  A very pretty postcard and I hadn't seen it before.  So I have sent out 2 postcards for send something this morning. So hopefully it will surprise the girls that are receiving them like it did me. 

Other news is tomorrow Mr. C. goes to the surgeon to set up surgery on his gallbladder.  This past Sunday he was in the ER with lots of pain.  I was 3 hours away at home when he called me.  I jumped up and headed his way.  Am glad his derrick man took him and waited for me to get there.  Which of course at that point they were waiting on his meds.  Mr. C. has NEVER had any surgerys done and of course he is not sure what to expect.  I had this done about 13 years ago so I can only tell him my experience with it.

Guess I need to get busy.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Freezer Meals Anyone?

Lately I can't stop reading blogs about freezer meals. I am not the sort of gal who wants to cook all day and put up a bunch of meals at once. So instead I am doubling a few recipes and freezing here and there.  Today I have been hunting down some recipes I would like to try. I usually double my recipe of mexican casserole and freeze it.  Sure makes my evening meal easy when I have planned ahead.
Does anyone else do this on a regular basics? What are some of your favorite freezer meals?
Am back on my diet. Went to Dr. Steve to get my high blood pressure pills and have gained 7 pounds since last October!! Ouch that sure hurt my feelings! So now I must get back on track. I had lost 20 pounds since October but gained them plus 7 back. I knew it but didn't stop eating long enough to do anything about it was creeping on me. As in I didn't feel well, had headaches and most important my clothes weren't fitting anymore. Dr. Steve told me to get up off my rear and start walking! I fully intend to get moving!