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Sunday, March 26, 2017

El~Paso Texas

This is on the Mexico side.. Has  a restaurant in it. One day I may brave it and head over there to check it out! Just thought it was something cool to see. 

Went to the local swapmeet had some very interesting items.  Wish I had bought some pottery back with me for my rock garden. 

We are going to do the Wyler aerial Tramway

Stacy and Aunt Kathy

Stacy and Rick and Aunt Kathy

A old version of the aerial tramway.

Pictures from the top

Looking over into Mexico

Headed home! 

For a fast and furious trip we did manage to see and do several cool things.  I had never been to El~Paso before this trip.  Sparked a interest that makes me want to plan a return trip very soon.  Hated leaving my brother and Rick.  Stacy has no ideal how many tears I have cried for him the last many years.  Hope he gets well on so many different levels. 

Saturday, March 25, 2017

EL Paso Texas

Am so excited am headed to El Paso Texas! I haven't seen my brother in several years.  My Aunt Kathy and cousin Brenda went with me.   We laughed and joked and had a great road trip.  It took us 10 hours to drive to EL Paso Texas.  We left Friday night and drove about 5 hours and stopped and got a room.  We needed some much needed rest.  I had worked all day and was ready for some shut eye.  Wanted to be able to function Saturday!

My cousin Brenda.  She is a big ole kid at heart.  She is a teacher for toddlers and I swear that keeps her young spirit alive.  At this point in my life I feel like I tend to look for the fun in everyday life experiences.  When I am around her the joy she has for life is contagious. 

When we get to El Paso we drive straight to the hospital to see my brother Stacy.  The great news is they are releasing him today.  He will have a home nurse come do daily visits to check his leg and give him his medications. 

Rick my brother's husband

Brenda not wanting her picture taken!
While they were getting ready to release Stacy we decided to grab a bite at Denny's.  I hadn't ate at Denny's in so very long.  It was actually very good! 
Aunt Kathy and me.
I hate getting my picture taken but have decided that I want some memories when I get older and forget what I actually did when I was younger.  Yikes 49 years old isn't young anymore is it? lol

Stacy getting released from hospital.
When we got back to hospital they were ready to let him leave with us.  Anyone who knows my brother he doesn't follow instructions real well.  He wanted to take us around El Paso to see some sights.  We talked him into going home so we could visit and relax for a while.

Rick and Stacy had been wanting to try this Mexican restaurant.  It was okay but not my favorite.  Probably due to the fact I am Tex~Mex all the way.  This was definitely the real deal. 

When we finished we went for a drive up the mountain to view El Paso at night. What a beautiful view.  I wish my phone camera would have taken better shots of the incredible view.  This was a great way to end our night.  The wind was blowing and it was chilly.  Perfect weather.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Trip to Magnolia Market

Magnolia Market
We finally made it here! I am super excited!!
Our drive is about 5 hours with Traffic. 

Can you tell I am so glad to be here finally!

Fixing to get in line to go check out the retail store of goodies. I really like the farmhouse items that Joanna uses in her houses.  Checking out the selection in the retail store was great.  Lot's of people to wade thru but I made it happen. 

Me Kathy and Janet

Love this ole car! Very nice touch to Magnolia Market

Janet and Kathy

Me doing my usual selfie

I have no ideal how many miles we drove but it was worth every single one!

Found Harp Design Co!!

Picked up a few souvenirs of the trip.  I had to purchase a T~shirt with Magnolia Market logo on it!

My two cupcakes!  They weren't really what I expected.  To me they were more muffin consistency with lots of icing.  I did eat the chocolate one but gave the vanilla one away. 

I felt like the entire property is family friendly.  In the yard many things for anyone to do.  Such as hula hoops, balls and corn hole.  Loved the big ole swing set they have as well.  I do believe more adults were swinging than kiddo's. 

The Market was filled with Joanna's industrial~farmhouse style. 

I am a tote bag kind of gal!


Magnolia Market offers visitors and experience and it's free!  I have been a fan of HGTV for many years!  One of my favorite shows is Fixer Upper.  There are so many reasons I like the show.  Joanna and Chip have a great thing going.  I love how Joanna Gaines uses the farmhouse style. 
My Aunt Kathy and Janet and I went to Waco for the weekend.  It was a girls weekend out.  Probably one of the best trips I have taken in a very long time. 
While in Waco we drove around and found several houses that were featured on the show.  One of my favorites is this shotgun house.  Have heard that they are now renting it out to visitors. 
If you haven't been to Magnolia Market make plans and go!  I had a marvelous time!!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Guy's chip bouquet

I made several of these for Valentines Day for the guys.  I can't believe how many we have sold. They are great for birthdays.  I like making them.  On special occasions I enjoyed making it for my boys.  Also I made several for nieces and nephews.

I use bamboo sticks, colored cellophane, hot glue gun and florist wire and of course the candy, chips and peanuts.  I've seen these made with many different items.  So it can be customized to your guys taste.   Takes me about 45 minutes to put it together.

What are you waiting for...go give this a try!