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Friday, January 25, 2013

Fashion Show

Today we closed up the store early and forwarded the phone, headed to Dallas Texas.  We went to a fashion show of the new prom dresses. Tammie, Mildred and I went. They served a great buffet with your choice of wine or beer or tea and water. I had the white wine with my meal. After the show we shopped for new dresses and ended up taking 12 must have's home with us.  It was very much fun and am looking forward to going next year.

I got home around midnight, which is way past my bedtime!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Full Mailbox

I finally got my Beauty Army Box and Ipsy Box.  Loved everything I received. 

Beauty Army


I haven't tried this sample of serum and moisturizer from Enspri skincare yet. Lately I have been using what my hairstylist has recommended for my hair. Am thinking I will give it a try over the weekend. 

This is from Whip Hand Cosmetics in the camo collection eyeshadow it is beige colored shade in the camo collection.  It is called air force.  It's a tiny sample so I poured it into a round clear container so I could use my eyeshadow brush. Love shades like this very much.

I got several more items but these were the ones I was impressed with the most.

Ipsy Bag

This was my first month and they went with Super Star theme.  I loved my bag especially.  Who doesn't need a extra bag laying around?  I plan on using my in my suitcase for when I go see Mr. C in Wheeler Texas every other week.  It's a perfect size for a dab of make up. 

Love Love this hair spray and already use it.  This is awesome to take on my trips with me!

Isn't this a cool shade of nailpolish? It will be perfect for Valentine's Day! It's nailtini brand.

Getting these samples was so much fun! I am so glad I found them.  Am thinking my bonus daughter would love a box of Ipsy every month.  I am going to talk to her dad and see if he will do this for her! 
If you haven't tried out a sample box I urge you to give one of these a try. Beauty Army you get to choose your samples.  I like that very much.  Although I like the element of the surprise in the Ipsy bag.  Don't tell anyone but I did take a sneak peak.
Have a great day!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Beginnings

I have decided that I wanted to try new brands of make~up. What better way than doing a monthly subscription box. Several years ago I ordered a box and wasn't very pleased with it. I noticed it wasn't around anymore. So anyways I am getting boxes from Beauty Army, Ipsy, The Cotten bunny.  When I get them in I will post a mini review and take photo's..(hopefully). I love getting samples but tend not to use them.  On the other hand I don't want to spend full price for make~up and realize I don't like it.  Since I bought these samples I am going to make it a priority to use them everyday.

I am also keeping watch over my finances better. I do not keep track of what I spend on a daily basis. All my bills come directly out of my account except for a small loan. I never know what I have in my personal account ever. Although I do know what we have in the main household account, Mr.C and I sit down every two weeks and go over our budget and such.  I also know what's in his wallet as well.  That's bad on my part.  So I am trying really hard to record ALL my spending. Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

crafty day!

I wanted to do something different today  ...not the usual watch football or movies.  I had bought some tiles at Home depot and decided to try making some tile coasters.  The first set I used  scrapbook paper and they turned out cute. Then I used some paint chips I had picked  up and they are okay but the corners lifted up. Then I used Christmas paper and they didn't turn out so well.

Then I made 5 different bracelets. I never make jewelry but found a brochure at Joann's and it looked super easy. They turned out really cute! Yea for me!
I had a fun day doing crafts. What new projects do you want to try or are currently working on?  I want to break out my sewing machine and get busy making a easy quilt or even totes.  Well that's all I know for now..