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Sunday, April 27, 2014

4 Things

                                       4 Things

  It's time again for my 4 Things list!! !  I am so enjoying doing this for myself as it seems as if it helps keep me on track.

1.   Tan 3 times this week!  I need some color for my vacation in July to Galveston Texas.

2.   Buy a summer comforter for our bed!! 

3.   Spend 2 hours in my craft room.  It's a mess!

4.   Spend time with my friend thinking about us going to Oklahoma city for the day.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Megan in wedding dress

My friend Megan just got married. She made a beautiful bride! I am so proud of her and am glad to call her my friend. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Watkins!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

This is the pretty light green wristlet I made for a prom this year. I love the color in it! This is the matching boutonniere I made as well. Doing these type of projects is something I really enjoy doing. Today our completion from another flower shop to check out our pretty wristlets. I do find that to be a complement to us. We have made so many wristlets and boutonnieres this prom. So we are doing something right! Everyone have a blessed day!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

4 things

I am doing this once again.. I enjoyed trying to stay on top of the goals I made for my self. So here is my 4 goals for this week. 1. Work in 3 Journals at least one hour each!! 2. Dejunk master bedroom! This will be a biggie cause I keep so much stuff in our room. 3. Tan 3 times this week!! 4. Exercise at least twice this trying to get motivated!! Have a great day everyone!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Getting things accomplished!

Am getting things done around house slowly! I went thru one of my closets and got rid of several items! Yea for me!! I also managed to find more stuff for the Goodwill box! So that is good as I needed to get rid of junk that I have kept thru the years! I finished 2 journals and got them sent off to my partners! that is a relief. Now am working on 3 journals. So making progressive with my $ things list!!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

4 things

4 Things I haven't done this list in a long time! So am going to try to remember to do this more often! My 4 things for the week will be: * Clean out my car * Take a box of stuff to Goodwill! * Go thru my closets and get rid of at least 10 items I don't wear anymore * Work in two journals at least 2 hours each! These are all easy goals for me. I am ashamed to say my car looks like a tornado hit it! It's to new to be letting it look so crappy! I have a huge box in my craft room that is full of stuff that I have been collecting to take to goodwill. It is time to get the box out of the house. If I am going to Goodwill then I need to go ahead and get rid of some clothes I am not ever going to wear and is just taking up space. I am currently working on 2 journals and fixing to do a mini random journal as well. I have gotten behind on both of the journals. It is time for me to get caught up on them. In all honesty my life is pretty much boring so that shouldn't take long to write about. I really enjoy doing the journals for swap bot! This is my list for the week! I will let you know if I did get all accomplished or not by next week!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Aaron and Alexis going into prom. This year it was held at Duncan Country Club. They make such a cute couple! They had a good time at prom as well as at the after prom. After prom was held in the school gym. they decorate it and make it a fun all nighter. Aaron and Alexis stayed till 5:00 am.
I can't believe that Aaron is a senior this year. Aaron is turning into a nice young man. I am so proud of him!

Friday, April 4, 2014


Well heck I am not sure how I got behind but I have two journals that I have to send out on Monday! Oh my goodness you know what I will be doing this weekend. Not sure why I got behind but I hate it when a deadline races up on me like the speed of lightening. I love doing journals and hope the
receiver enjoys the journal I did for them


  I am not very creative but do give it a whirl. This is about as artistic as this country girl gets. I am starting to love washi tape! It sure makes a journal page pop. Over this weekend I am going to try to find some unique washi tape. There is a store in Oklahoma City that is called Market Basket that sells Hobby Lobby's outdated merchandise as well as samples. I bet they have lots of cool washi tape waiting on me to buy! I also love buying stickers from there as they are super reasonable! Everyone have a great weekend! Keep your fingers crossed that I find some great deals to jazz up my journals!

Wristlet and Boutonniere for Prom 2014

These are the wristlet and boutonniere I made for Aaron And Alexis for Bray's Prom. I wanted them to have something special for their special evening. I can't believe Aaron is a Senior in high school! I am so proud of him and love him to pieces. They had a awesome night at the prom. As soon as possible I will be posting photos of the young couple. They make such a cute couple.