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Monday, March 26, 2012

New Goals

Last year I created a list of goals and things I wanted to do.  Some I did and most of them I did not.  So why not make a short list of goals that will be easy to accomplish?

I want to read at least 3 non fiction books this year.  I do not like non fiction books at all.

To try a new wine each month.  I have never drank wine before this year.  I have already tried 2 different wines.  One was a  sweet white wine and then a chocolate wine.  I thought I would love the chocolate wine but didn't as it was too heavy in my mouth.


Try a new recipe at least twice a month.  Can't tell you how often I read cookbooks, will see several recipes I want to try but never seem to follow thru.  How many of ya are like that? Or is that just me?  I have been writing recipes in a composition book and tearing recipes out of magazines and pasting in my book to try. 

Finish two quilts I have started.  I have had them in a work of progress for way to long, I do believe it is time to get them done.

Finish a tote bag that is nearly completed.  It wouldn't take 30 minutes to complete it.  When I cut it out and put it together I really didn't like the color of the material I had used so I think that put me off on finishing it.  I know one of my nieces would love to have it once it was sewed up. 

Make a couple of mug rugs! How many times am I going to mention mug rugs in this blog? Probably till I actually get one made.  I so thought about it this weekend but had a full weekend planned.

Visit 2 local wineries   Oklahoma has several wineries within 2 hours from me.  I think that would be something fun to do with a few girlfriends. In fact I already have two that want to go with me. 


This photo is from Redbud Ridge Vineyard & Winery in Norman Oklahoma.  This is close to my house and will be the first one I will go visit.

I know I can achieve all these goals fairly fast. 

So hope everyone had a awesome weekend!  Mine was great! 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mr. C. released from Dr.

Mr. C.  finall got released from hospital March 11th that evening.  He is still weak but sure was glad to get to come home. I stayed with him the entire time. I know if I had left to go home for the night I think he would have left and went home with me. I finally got to post office yesterday to send off a journal and several penpal letters. So that made me feel better.  I have gotten several postcrossing cards in the mail lately.

I haven't been very crafty lately.  I keep talking about making mug rugs.  That is my next project I want to do!  Found some great mug rug photos.  Run over and check these awesome mug rugs out!

This has to be a favorite of mine! Would go perfect in my dining room.  Hopefully the next picture of a mug rug will be my own!! 

Everyone have a great day!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


If your here from Share your blog swap bot hello! This is my last review to do and I have completed the swap. It has been very interesting to go check out the different blogs. Just for the record I didn't do my reviews in any certain order.


Tiffany is 24 years old and lives in NY with her husband, dog, cat and tortoise.  She has taken some great photos. I really was drawn to her Tortoise Steve. I myself have had turtles as pets  but I was much younger. I would be afraid of not getting the diet right but it seems as if she has all that covered. 
She hasn't done this blog long but I like how she has it sit up, especially her photos.  Taking a look at her mail was fun. Especially the mail art she received. I know I enjoy getting art mail.  She is also into nice and neat friendship books. Sanae in Japan made me rethink about doing friendship books again. I got scared when a prisoner wrote me from acquiring my info from one. Although I do have a post office box I would use from now on if I started doing them again.  Tiffany's blog was fun to look at, so if you get a chance go check it out!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Update on Mr.C

We are still in hospital! Will 7 to 10 days ever get here? Mr. C is about to become stir crazy and I don't blame him.  Pulmonary specialist came again today and talk about how he would be on meds for infection for 3 months. He also has to wear a cpac at night which he doesn't want to do at all. At some point we will have to do more chest xrays and several more ct scans. 
I have one more review to do and that is and I will have this share your blog swap completed. I really went outside my comfort zone to do this swap. Reviews are not my cup of tea I tell you!  When I see reviews and they are written so well with both pro and cons I am like wow, wish I had that talent.
I am going to go for now. I want a shower and one last hot tea before it gets any later. Although we haven't been going to sleep till after midnight or so if then. Will either finish the review later tonight or tomorrow.

DeviantDivine blog review

Good evening everyone! It is time for me to do my last 2 reviews for share your blog swap. As I have done for the other blog reviews I will make separate entry's it is only fair. Am so glad I had this swap to do while sitting in the hospital with Mr. C.  In fact I tried to  visit everyone's that was in this swap. So I will get started...

                                                DeviantDivine review

Rebacca's blog is called
I normally do not ever check out youtube videos. For one reason at home I do not have wireless and it takes forever if at all to download. Since we are at hospital I am using their wireless...yea! I found the video of Saturday Shimmies: The neighbourhood strays quite interesting. In fact I watched it 3 times. Then I checked out the video of Mira Belz left me wanting to see more. I have always wanted to learn how to belly dance.
Over all Rebecca's blog was upbeat and fun to wander around and check out. So if you want  to check out different music videos or unique belly dancing this is one of the blogs you will enjoy!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Agenta Emma~Married Edition

Welcome everyone! Tonight while sitting at the hospital I am going to review Emma's blog.  I so enjoyed how  Emma does product reviews. I recently have started enjoying wine and I am going to try several of her recommendations.
I also have decided that I want to try the Chocolate Monkey tea. My mouth went to watering and I could taste the tea already. Yes I did go the website and order some different teas that I normally wouldn't have tried.
Another thing I liked about Emma's blog was her 26 goals and how she keeps us updated on where she is with them. I have found that my attention span for goals on my blog doesn't last very long. Of course I wasn't smart like Emma, I had 100 goals which was my first mistake.  Wish I had been like her and made a realistic goal list to begin with. Out of her goals my favorite was to try out 12 new wines. That is a ideal I plan on taking from Emma's blog.
Emma also introduced me to several foods I had no ideal existed. She also gave some cooking advice on how to use these foods.
Emma's blog has a great mix of reviews, family life and good information on food. I know I plan on coming back to visit her blog. So run on over to her blog and check it out!

Mr. C update

We are still in hospital. He has abcess on his lung and part of his lung has died from the infection. We are going to be here at least 7 to 10 more days. Sure has gave us lots of time together as I haven't left his side at all. We just want him well and back at home.  We haven't gotten much sleep as you don't go to the hospital to rest.
I am working on reviews for Share your blog swap. Being here has gave me time to do this swap plus write pen pal letters. Yes I have to stay busy or I get bored really fast. So glad I grabbed a few things to keep busy with. Had no ideal we would be here sooo long.
I have 3 more reviews to write. Have been doing them individual as I want each blog to shine in their own light.  Have so enjoyed each and every blog. I have never done reviews before but am finding it to be fun.

Monday, March 5, 2012


This is a review of Barsook's blog from Share your bog from  swap~bot. I myself do not read much fantasy type books, (romance is my fave genre). Barsook's blog is called World of turzukarr Humans, Drazards, Elves & Dwarfs Oh My! What a world.

First of the reason I joined this share your blog swap to find swaps outside my normal range, and this blog hit that want right on the head! She does some very interesting drawings of her characters as well. I found her to be a talented artist as well as writer. I downloaded Torzukarr to my kindle to read. She said she wrote it in about 30 minutes, which really impressed me because it has a good plot the only thing I found lacking was I wanted more! It needs a good solid ending for me (remember I am used to the woman getting her man at the end of a romance book) I went to several post because I wanted to get a feel for her. I am impressed that she can understand her characters and knows what she wants them to do. I do believe it takes someone lots of talent to come up with different types of characters. I see her headed in the right direction with her fantasy writings. I say go check out her writings and see for your self what I am telling you! My parting words is I think she is talented and has a brigh future ahead of her. Good luck girl!

Tea with Lemon blog review

Hello to all who is here for the share your blog swap. The first blog I went to was Tea with Lemon.I found Wendy's blog to be cheerful and fun. She had several topics that I am interested in reading.  Some of her main topics were altered art and journals, sewing, photography and losing weight. I thought her blog was well rounded with something for everyone. I enjoyed looking at her photos of her first attempt at art journals. I liked how she played with the paint on her pages. Then I went to her sewing pages. The dress is so dang cute! Her photographs speaks volumes! As I was looking at the bird she took out her window it was as if I was there with her. How awesome to be able to take great photo's.  I found Wendy's blog to be very  interesting and of course I will be coming back to see more!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hospital stay

Mr. C has been in hospital since Friday. The ct scan shows a 7x4x0 cm mass on his right lung. They have us in a private room and have isolated him. We are waiting on a pulmonary specialist.  He has never been in the hospital and this is freaking him out big time. It is a huge waiting game and its confusing to him. Sure hope we will hear more about test results and such Monday. Keep us in your thoughts...
I have been getting caught up with pen pal letters. So far I have wrote 3 (which I thought was great). Also I have working in my slow cooker journal. Writing down recipes is calming and keeps me busy.  The hard part will come later when I am decorating it. Wish I had brought my stepford wife journal thatI am working on for a swap. Actually I am working on 2 of them, one is for a private swap. So excited about doing these swaps.