Sunday, May 29, 2011

Swap bot Sunday

This is for filled cosmetic bag series swap #1 pt. 4
We are to send a blush to our partner and a extra item. I am sending a light pink blush, a clear lipgloss, a bronzing brush and toenail clippers.

Am sending these items out for a purple swap I am hosting. I hope my partner likes what I have choosen for her.

I also have to wrap up a few other swaps and get them ready to ship out Tuesday. I also want to write a few pen~pal letters the next couple of days. I really enjoy swap bot.

Mr.C. and I went grocery shopping for our Memorial Cookout we are having tomorrow for a few close friends. We bought like we were cooking for a army. Mr.C. has prepped the baked potatoes and got everything else ready to cook. In morning I am going to make my special banana pudding and macaroni salad.

By the way I am sitting 20 pounds lighter! I couldn't be happier that is for sure!! The bad part is that watching what I eat is a 24 hour thought process. Mr. C. has lost 60 pounds in the same amount of time. So not fair!!! He is looking awesome.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Weekend

This weekend is going to be especially hard as just a year has gone by since I lost my mother. I am finding my self sad and feeling at loss. I have noticed the last few days I keep wanting to call her and I know she is gone. So instead I call my brother and express my sadness in dealing with this issue. I know I am strong but sometimes it is nice to lean on someone else for a change.

On to other news...I took Aaron and Trevor to the eye dr over at Lawton, Okla. Trevor has to get glasses and he isn't very happy at all. Then both boys got allery eye drops for their eyes. The eye drops cost $101.00 the insurance won't cover it. Really? Chris our pharmist suggest over the counter eye drops that were only $13.00, he was calling Dr. Head and consulting with him over that issue. So we won't be able to get the eye drops till Tuesday. Aaron needed new glasses as his was all scratched up from a year's use.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Going shopping!!

This is Alisha at 8th grade graduation. We are so proud of her!! Am glad Mr. C. got to attend he was suppose to be headed to work and came back home because of storms. This really surprised Alisha very much!

The boys had so much fun at the Salt Plains near Jet oklahoma. They found many crystals as they were digging. I am glad we finally took a trip up there and enjoyed the day. You know how much boys enjoy digging in the dirt and mud, my boys dug for hours.

Today I am going to go shopping at Tuesday Mornings, Joanns fabrics and Hobby Lobby. I need to buy a few items for several swaps I have on my dashboard. I put up 2 purple swaps in my crazy for colour group. One is international and the other USA. So I do need to find some cool purple items. I also need to buy a tote bag and get material to make a tote bag. The truth in the matter is that I just want to wander around Lawton Okla and have fun. I might even go into some antique stores that I have been wanting to browse thru. Sounds like the perfect day to me.

Goals...I have wrote 7 pen~pal letters so far. That is awesome for me!! I am going to really work on my correspondence the next few months. Murf's Guns did not have the concealed weapon class yesterday so I will have to wait till they do another one. I also may call around to other places and see when they have a class. So far I have $200.00 saved up toward my $500.00 goal. Which is great for me. So I am making baby steps on some of my goals. Losing weight is my biggest goal and the last two days I haven't done so well at watching what I ate. So today I am going to get back on track. I also found a simple blackberry cobbler I want to try.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday morning

This is Aaron he is ready to head out... My youngest son woke me up at 5:30am this morning. He is excited about going to Salt Plains in Jet Oklahoma. We are going to go dig for crystals. How cool does that sound? I wanted to go somewhere and just have some fun. This is what Aaronand him wanted to do. I also considered going to the Scarborough Renaissance Fair down at Wachahci Texas. If we are lucky we might be able to get a cabin even though it is last minute. I am taking stuff just in case that happens. We have made out list so we can stop at Wal~Martand pick up supplys on our way over there. The drive is 3 hours or more and it is located in Norhern Oklahoma. The boys wanted to go to Chickasha Wal~Mart last night but I told them it was 25 miles there and back and we could just stop on our way and not waste the gas. Which didn't make Trevor too happy. I will post pictures of our last minute trip when we get back home tomorrow! Hope the boys get along instead of the usual bickering that they seem to enjoy! We leave home about 7:30 am.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 3 of Goals

This is the start of a simple tote bag I am putting together. I haven't used my sewing machine in over a year. Should I add here I was a little lost on threading it! I also cut out another tote in blue fabric. I am hoping they will turn out good. I plan on sending one out for tote and note for swap~bot. The swap calls for either a tote made or bought. I figure I will buy one in case mine turns out all funky or something! I have always wanted to try the patchwork tote. My next project is also going to be to make some cute pillowcases for my nieces and nephews. I don't think I can mess them up too much..Right??

This is the table and chairs we are redoing. They are looking so good!! This has been a project I have wanted to get to for the last 7 years. Needless to say I was so surpised when Luther got them started for me. All that without me asking!

I know you have been wanting to know my other goals..Let me tell you this has became alot harder to do than I ever imagined! I may not get to day 4 on these goals. Mr.C. still can't figure out why I want to rent a cabin at the lake. I just think it would be very cool. I usually tent camp with my boys.

41. To blog at least twice a week
42. Be kinder to people
43. Visit with my neighbors at least a couple of times before the end of the year
44. Change my oil in my car on a regular basis
45. Vacuum at least once a week ( hate this chore!)
46. Learn a new skill ( crochet or art journal or art quilting ect)
47. Be on time! I am always late for everything!!
48. Make a dentist appointment
49. Find a doctor that will take me without Insurance (nearly impossible)
50. Learn how to say NO even if others think I will say yes
51. Take a class at technology center on flower arranging
52. Make a budget and stick to it. ( I hate this for sure!)
53. Try reading something else besides romance or self help books
54. Be more compassionate toward family and friends
55. Touch base with extended family on my dad's side
56. Learn how to use the grill (I love a steak on the grill)
57. Buy a rifle for home protection (need to put one on layaway at Murfs Guns)
58. Take my boys camping several times this summer
59. Take a trip to Northern Oklahoma to the Salt Plains
60. Go to travel agent and check into cruises

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 2 of Goals

This is the latest addition to our family. My brother Lonnie and Jennica had Wyatt March 28th, 2011. One of my goals is to spend more time with my nieces and nephews. So I thought I would share a photo of him.

26. Take a picture every day for a month
27. Take a beginner quilting class
28. Try 1 new recipe a week.
29. Find a charity to donate time and money to on a regular basis
30. Listen better to my boys
31. Buy a Ipod for me!
32. Learn more about my droid phone and use what I learn
33. Set up my Ebay and sell my western items
34. Make 3 lap size quilts and post on Etsy
35. Declutter each room in the house
36. Buy good quality pots and pans
37. Buy that ring at Zales that caught my eye and is on sell for $600.00
38. Attend Church twice a month
39. Start going to TOPS meetings
40. Have Christmas bought by October of this year!!

So now here is a few answers to why I choose a few of these goals.

27. Beginner quilt class...I so want to do art quilts and I need some guidance in how to do them.

30. Listen to my boys better. I sometimes listen to them but don't think I hear them the way I should be.

33. Set up my Ebay store. I have about 20 items I bought from Dallas at Market and I need to get them sold. They aren't making me any money in my craft room that is for sure!!

40. Have Christmas bought by October of this year. I always end up buying last minute shopping and never seem to have enough money to go around. It would be nice to have it all bought early so I could enjoy the season.

Mr. C. looked at yesterday's list and thinks I am crazy. I can only imagine what he will think about today's list!!

This is a photo of Aaron and Trevor at BAss Pro Shop.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Goals for 2011

Kaycee and Blake

Well I think I need some goals for the next 7 months. I will add to the list as I think of the goals. Here is my list of 25 goals. Some I am already working on or plan to in the near future.

List 1 thru 25

1. Lose 100 pounds. Have lost 15 so far

2. Make 20 ATC's

3. Mini trip to Memphis TN.

4. Buy a pink handgun. Got it on my birthday May 9th.

5. Get my concealed weapon license

6. Get my passport

7. Read 5 books on art journaling

8. Read 5 books on relationships/boundries

9. Fill a art journal just for me

10. Write 30 letters

12. Rent a cabin at the lake for the weekend

13. Get a tattoo

14. Go camping with Trevor and Aaron

15. Spend one week without watching tv

16. Go to Zoo with Trevor

17. Spend more time with my niece Kaylee

18. Learn how to make a blackberry cobbler

19. Purchase Life insurance

20. Finish a quilt for my niece Kaylee

21. Make 10 totes for my nieces on my side

22. Save $700 in 5 months

23. Clean out car and keep it clean

24. Organize my craft room

25. Exercise 3 times a week

Okay so now I want to explain why I choose some of these goals

1. Lose 100 pounds! I am so tired of being tired and not finding cute clothes. Size 22 is NOT a pretty size.

9. Art journal for me. I am not a artist but do enjoy painting and using pictures and writing on blank pages. I want to see if I improve over time.

10. Write 30 letters. I have 3 regular pen~pals but I have alot of letters I have gotten thru swap bot that I want to answer. I so need to get a system and keep it in place. I have 1 letter ready to mail and 1 I am working on to get in mail.

19. Life insuranace. This is for my boys more than me. They need the peace and mind of knowing I have it just in case something happens to me. Their dad died in 2003 and we had no life insurance at all. Sure would have came in handy for us.

20. Save $700.00. I have always wanted to go on a cruise. I am thinking I would put this money toward that goal of $3000.00. Would love to go in 2012. Which means I need to also start looking into what kind of cruise I am going to take.

Thanks for reading my blog. I am going to try to make it more exciting for all of us. At the top I put a current photo of Kaycee and Blake. I feel like I have so much to learn about blogging but one day at a time.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!

It is a gorgous day already! I got up at 4:30 am and have been on computer playing farmville. Then I thought I would work on a journal that I need to send out tomorrow for swap bot. I am doing the last minute touches, adding stickers, a few drink recipes and a few photos for Jessica. Also have been doing some much needed laundry. I have probably 5 loads to get done. I have been busy working since Wed at the flower shop. Put in over 46 hours in 4 days. But it was well worth it!

Would you believe I have forgot how to upload a picture to my blog. How sad is that I ask you? I wanted to add some old photos I downloaded the other day. I finally did it!! This is a candy bouquet that I made for Blake for his birthday. I thought it really turned out cute!

Blake and Kaycee at Prom last year. He loves this girl very much!! They broke up for the longest time but I think they are back together now. I think this could be the one for him but he is so young at 19 how would he know? I would like for him to wait till making the biggest decision of his life.

Have a great Mother's Day today!! I am going to round up Aaron and Trevor and do something with them today. I told Aaron to pick out where our destination is going to be!