Thursday, December 22, 2011

Great family times

Last night was wonderful! The kids were happy with presents and I was happy with how the party turned out.  I did not cook, instead sent out for pizza.  They went thru 5 large pizza's and 2 family size bread sticks.  So am glad I went with the last minute plan of pizza.  I am not sure I could have made enough mexican casserole for the 10 of us!  Boys sure can eat alot!

After everyone left I sorted thru presents and realized that I only have Trevor one gift wrapped! Oh my goodness I am going to have to go buy him some gifts.  Remember I bought him a gun that was $540.00 but he already got it. With him being only 13 years old there is no way I can not buy him a few more gifts!! So I am going to go buy him some camoflouge items and a couple suits of clothes.  I still need to get Aaron a stereo system and a gas card and he will be completely done! Blake got his christmas present last night which of course was a gun. 

Well this is kinda cool I am at Linda's Flowers and they are doing a live broadcast.  Which it is kinda funny as it is only me and 2 of them in here. They are doing a drawing for $100.00 gift certificate.  I like going into the radio station while they are broadcasting it is really cool to hear and see them do their thing.
Well am going to run

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Family Celebration

Tomorrow I am having our family dinner.  My step~dad Kendall is coming also my brother Stacy's children.  Dylan Coby and Kaylee and of course my three sons.  I am going to make a Mexican casserole, salad and garlic toast.  I know not very festive like but they will all appreciate a home cooked meal. 

Tonight I am going to make some candy and cookies.  I have the stuff to make several different things.  My only fear is I will run out of time getting everything finished.  Last night I wrapped gifts for 3 hours.  I still have many gifts that need wrapping.  As a last resort I am going to go buy gift bags and some pretty bows and call it good.

Am ready to start being creative again!! Do you have any ideals for some simple and fun crafts? If you do please send my way!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Frugal Update

Well I am going to have to admit that I have done nothing to be frugal this week!  Not even one tiny change at all!  Now how in the world am I going to get some money paid toward the $4100.00 bill if I am not doing anything different? 

Am going to go Christmas shopping this weekend at Dallas Texas. I can't wait because I have been wanting to go for awhile.  I want to go to Harry Hines Blvd and go to the huge fabric store, a purse store and a western store.  Then will go on to Grapevine Outlet Mall.  Am hoping my friends Leona and Michael Ann will go with me.  I don't have a lot to buy but just want to see what I might have missed for my 3 boys.
Shopping pretty woman    Bryant Park Holiday Shops Manhattan  paper bags  buy toys Christmas shopping fantasy

I adopted a senior citizen for Christmas.  I asked James (manager of the Senior Citizen's center).  He told me to get stuff they could use like dish soap and hairbrush and laundry soap and such.  So I will get that picked up this weekend as well.  The sooner I can get it bought and wrapped the better off I will be.  The gifts need to be there by this coming Tuesday.  I plan on putting it in a basket and making it look cute.
For the silent auction at the auto show, or your car buff buddy!  This basket may include:  Chamois, Turtle Wax, Hot Wheels, window cleaner/wipes, bug remover, tire shine, sponge, air freshener, scrub brush, tire pressure guage, fuzzy dice, absorbent towels.  GLAM UP YOUR BASKET with gift certificates for car washes or oil changes.

Well I have done nothing creative for awhile.  Although I have been organizing some closets and dressers.  I think that is lifting a load off my shoulders.  Does anyone know how many clothes is too many for one person?  I have clothes in 4 closets and 2 full dressers, that could be a bit excessive I am thinking! Would like to scale down to 2 closets(spring/summer in one closet and fall/winter in one closet) and one dresser.  That would be so awesome!!  Would loe to have this closet from California Closets!!

Isn't this a gorgous closet?  This would take care of my problem for sure!!

This is my comforter set that Mr C. bought me awhile back. I am still loving it very much!! I just need the headboard to go with it!

I am now trying to talk Mr. C. into buying the western bedroom suite.  I haven't gave up yet!  He keeps asking me when did we go western? I just love the western look with the stars.
I am still trying to get my bedroom organized and straightened.  I am proud of what I have got done so far!

Have a great weekend everyone!  I know that I plan on it!! 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Frugal week begins!

I have to be frugal till I get a $4100.00 bill paid off. Not sure I can pay $600.00 a month on it but that is my goal. The sooner I get it done the better! This is where I will say that I am going to start listing some of my items on ebay and craigslist and put books on a website to sell. I have to displine myself and that will bite.  Mr. C says I already pinch pennies even thou he says we don't have.  I haven't used coupons in years so that is one habit I am going to try to start doing again. I already shop Ross's and Big lots and Walls. I also shop wholesale at Dallas Tx, and at Marlow Floral. I always look for the best buy for my money.  When grocery shopping in our rural area we have small grocery store and Dollar General, unless I want to drive 25 miles to Homeland or Walmart. So I feel as if I am a smart shopper to a degree. My craft supplies I do use JoAnn coupons. Also I go to Basket Market in Oklahoma City, it is a huge place that sells Hobby Lobby discontinued items and samples.  It is a awesome place for crafters to shop!
Piggy Bank with blackboard    Piggy bank with dollars banknotes  Cut Costs - Euro  Clipping Coupons

     My big splurges is I drive to Elk City and stay  several nights at a hotel every other week.  So I probably will still go but only stay one night. At least till I get this bill paid down. So here I go to frugal land! Wish me lots of luck because this will be the hardest  goal I have set for myself besides losing weight!! Which by the way that weight loss thing hasn't been working out to well for me! Because I haven't put my 100 % into it at this point. 

Luxury Bedroom XXXL
At swap bot I am in a swap with 12 partners to gain blog followers.  I have so enjoyed looking at everyone's blogs.  So many different styles and so many very talented and creative.  I must I must try harder to be more creative! I tend to like doing easy and fast crafts. 
Inbox Mail - Mailbox
Well I am going for now! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Grateful Wednesday

This morning as I was getting ready for the day about 8am I hear this car beeping its horn urgently outside my front door.  I go look out and it is my mail lady.  She normally doesn't show up till 12pm or so.  I say to her why are you so darn early? I have packages for you and wanted to catch up before you left for the day.  It was our new 32 inch flatscreen TV for our bedroom and a new sony dvd player we had ordered.  I just ordered it last week using Mr. C's safety bonus.  Now we are just waiting for the 27 inch flatscreen to arrive.  We bought it for Alisha's room. 
Mail Delivery
So I am very grateful to our mail lady that is always going above the call of duty for her rural customers.  She has taken very excellent care of me and my precious mail! If I have big packages or lots of mail she will bring to my front door for me.  I realize small town rural carriers aren't all as wonderful as my carrier.
Delivery worker delivers packages
I have bought a plate and glass to make a cute plate stand...When I start it I will make sure to get photos of it.  That is if it turns out like it should.   I also am hunting up old brass candlesticks to spray paint and make a tabletop arrangement.  I seen a gorgous one on a blog and want to try and make one similiar. 
Cupcake selection  Thought this was a cute cake stand that I found the photo for off of Stock Photography. 

I am going to take some photos and get them posted soon!!