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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyones Christmas was awesome. We had a white Christmas and stayed nice and toasty indoors all day. The roads were icy and dangerous so staying home was a no brainer for us.

Trevor my youngest son got his 12 gauge pump gun and loved it!  Bought him several boxes of shells for target practice.  Am considering buying my self a 12 gauge pump as well.  Would make a nice gun for home protection when Mr. C. is gone to work. Although I think my pink semi~automatic should handle that job fairly well.  Am so glad I finally got my concealed to carry class out of the way. Not that I would ever carry it open. To me that is just crazy. I have it for my 4 hour road trip (one way) to go see Mr. C. when he is working in Texas.  Me having this gun scares him very he just doesn't like having guns around.

I am so behind on letter writing. I haven't wrote any pen pal letters in two long weeks. Which means no cool letters in my mailbox for me to read. Thank goodness for Christmas cards or I would have had sad mail days.

Guess I will close for now.  Good night everyone!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas shopping

Oh my goodness I am already tired of shopping..who would have ever thought that? I still need to buy Trevor's big gift which is a 12 gauge pump rifle. I am not sure how many guns    
he needs. But according to him he needs one for small game, one for deer and one for target practice and etc.  I do believe that my boys came out of the womb knowing guns. Their late dad was all into guns but heck Trevor was 3 when he passed.. Trevor has more knowledge on guns than me. I was never big on guns so am having to learn just to keep up with the boys. That is almost brain overload for me!  This year he isn't getting his gun early like last year. That little snot told everyone he didn't get anything for Christmas. He is my ornery son!
Today am decorating my living room and making chocolate rum balls and just maybe another pumpkin roll. Tonight am having lasagne, salad and garlic bread. Sounds like a great hot meal for this cool day. Mr. C. has had class for work the last 2 days. That sure cuts into his week off. Today is first aid and such. I kinda wish that I could have taken that class as well. Maybe I can see if our local hospital or Red Cross is offering any clases like that. I have taken a couple of cpr classes but that has been a zillion years ago. Times has changed and that would be knowledge that just might come in handy.
Blake's dog Duke ran away this past week and I was heartbroken when I found out last night. I had bought my grandpup Christmas gifts! Anyways Blake went and bought a new pit last night. It hasn't been named yet...

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Snail Mail

As a lot of you know I am a huge fan of sending and receiving fun mail.  So I thought I would try to keep a notebook of all incoming and outgoing mail. Which I figured out just now that I didn't keep it very accurate.  So for December I plan on not opening my mail until I have my notebook handy. I also will not send out any fun mail unless I have recorded it in my book. So hopefully December's numbers will reflect a more accurate picture.
This is for November but just 4 days...
I sent out 40 pieces of fun mail ( swap bot,, postcrossing, friendship books, pen pals and personal letters to family members. This was done in the 4 days I managed to record my mail. Am going to try to keep much better records as well as my post office reciepts in December.
Does anyone else keep accurate records of their fun mail? What tips do you have for me?  I would love to hear anything that might be a help to me!
Everyone have a great day!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We are so blessed to have everything we have. Most of all the love and friendship we share with family and friends.
Today I cooked for us and enjoyed being together with the kids. Seems as they get older it happens less and less. So it is important that we have family traditions in place so the kids know what we expect from them as they grew into young adults.
I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!
This post is short as I just wanted to send out greetings before I let this day get out of control.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Great weekend

Yesterday I made a paint chip calender using purples. It turned out super cute. I am loving pinterest! Sent a photo to my brother and he wants one as well. I have enough paint chips that all I need is a frame.
Then later on Aaron (my middle son) and I made Chocolate Rum Balls. He thought it was a cool thing to do. It was my first time to make these and wow they were easy peasy to make!  I plan on making two more batches tomorrow night.  Want to take a batch to my brother Stacy's Thanksgiving dinner Thursday.
Today I made two pumpkin rolls. Aaron and I each ate a piece to make sure it turned out. It was very good. Will make a couple more of them as well. It will impress Stacy that I made it.  The story behind the pumkin roll is for about 10 years I would buy pumpkin rolls from a lady, and my entire family thought I made them. I just choose not to set them straight. When we sold the convience stores I stopped getting the pumkin rolls. Only because I lost my baker's phone number. Heck I had no ideal how fast and easy they were to make or I would have been making them myself instead of paying $10.00 apiece for them.
This morning I got up early 5:40 am. I started cleaning house. Here it is 9:00 pm and you can't tell I did anything. Here is the deal it has only been me and Brody at home most of the day. Alisha left at 9:20 this morning, and Aaron has been in and out. So why did I mess the house up after working so hard on it? Because I was trying to get friendship books and bags ready to be mailed.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Over at Vanessa's  Blog I seen where several ladies were doing this on Sunday's and thought what a wonderful thing to do.  So I have decided that I want to do this as well.  Of course ya know me that when I lose interest it's all over and done with.  Am thinking at least I would have something to blog about every Sunday.  Here's the link to Vanessa's blog.  Go check her out!! I love reading her blog and have been reading it for awhile.  I won some cute note cards and a cute journal from her awhile back...  

1.    Write 3 pen pal letters this week (hopefully more)
2.    Go to Western Oklahoma to find some real cotton on stalks. 
3.    Bake something sweet to eat.  Am leaning toward no bake cookies and a pina colado cake.
4.    Work on my craft room for a hour

I can achieve my list! I am looking forward to working on it the next several days. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting behnd on pen pal letters.

Oh my goodness I am So far behind on my pen pal letters.  I don't know why I get behind but I have.  Today I am writing a long letter to Shannon, my last one to her was 10 pages long..  Am pretty sure that won't happen this time but it will be long.  Of course you have to factor in my huge handwriting as well.  Which my eyes are getting worse as we  Getting older isn't much fun when your eyes were bad anyways.  I love writing letters and so enjoy getting fun mail so therefor I need to keep up or at least try to keep up with incoming mail. 
I sent out today 4 items for swap bot, 4 items for, 7 envies of friendship books, 1 package for my secret sis at church, and a package for my pen pal Debbie. I also sent my brother Lonnie a letter and also a Halloween card.  So he will get 2 pieces of mail this week from me.
Wish my envelopes was this pretty. Although I did try to decorate most of my outgoing mail but missed a few envelopes especially the big brown envelopes I sent to my secret sis and Debbie.  My bad!

What's for dinner tonight?  Does anyone have any ideals for me?  I never cook hamburger helper but am really considering it tonight.  I am tired and its only 3pm.  Will pull up in drive in at 6 pm if not later if I go to grocery store.  So that doesn't leave much time for cooking and cleaning and laundry.  I also need to get some friendship books and label bags moving. 
I have been working more the last couple of weeks at flower shop.  So I am sure that is why I am getting behind on everything.  Normally the week Mr. C. is home I work on all of my fun mail.  The week he is at work I work a few days as well.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Getting some Family time

Last night after work I went to see my oldest son Blake.  He bought a Polaris RZR during the summer and he had it parked in front of his house.  Anyhoo my sister in law Dana, Jordan (Blake's Girlfriend) and I went riding out on our 5 acres.  Jordan sit in the back and didn't complain till her rear started warming  We had a really good time.  Dana had cooked dinner she made a spicy chicken recipe which she calls Thomas's Chicken.  She warned me it was spicy and she wasn't joking around.  I ate about 2 teaspoons of it and was good to go!! Dana and Thomas have 4 girls and 1 boy.  Jett is 1 year old and let me tell you he is all boy.  He was carrying around a wrench and trying to fix everything.  He is such  joy to be around.  I must say it was nice to have family time.  Thomas & Dana, Karen Sue (Granny), Blake and Jordan and I really had a great visit.  Makes me wonder why I don't go over there more often?  They live about 13 miles from me.  I am probably within  7 blocks of the neighborhood at any given time when I am in Marlow, Ok.  Shame on me!!

Don't cook. Don't clean. No man will ever make love to a woman because she waxed the linoleum - "My God, the floor's immaculate. Lie down, you hot bitch." ~Joan Rivers 
So needless to say Bathroom and Living Room is NOT cleaned.  So I will do that when I get home this evening.  I am putting on Lasagna with garlic cheese bread and a salad for dinner.  Mr C. should be home at 9 pm. Am hoping he is talking to me at that point but if not he will have a full tummy never the less.  Am sticking with my normal routine till I figure out what he is going to do with me. 

My theory on housework is, if the item doesn't multiply, smell, catch fire, or block the refrigerator door, let it be. No one else cares. Why should you? ~Erma Bombeck

 Grandma Berdine is having a birthday October 28th.  I never know when her birthday is and this year I figured it out!  Sometimes it pays to work in a flower shop.  A good friend of Berdine's Judy Penny called and ordered her a gift for us to deliver to Berdine.  So I made sure to write her birthday date in my Mom's Manager book.  I went and picked her up a few gifts from the boys and I and will deliver them with Judy's gift.  I also called Blake and told him so maybe the boys could run out there and visit with her one evening as I am sure she would like that better than gifts. 

     I don't feel so blue today.  Am thinking positive thoughts and said many prayers.  Mr. C. and I need to be on the same page and not let drama be the main factor in our lives.  We are happy and very much in love and for others to try and destroy it makes no sense.  Am glad he comes home tonight and hopefully we will get our life back on track one way or another!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Family Reunion

Every October we have a family reunion at Ardmore Oklahoma.  This is my boys family on their deceased dad's side.  I have been going many years but I must say this year was very enjoyable.  Aaron and I got oer their about 11:30 am and started visiting. Tevor rode over with Uncle Eddie and Aiden and Mallory.  They arrived about noonish.  I love hering stories about their Grandpa Tony and their Dad Mark.  I had forgot about Mark being a professional on laying floating floors and the company sending him all over the USA to lay these floors.  I have made my boys go to these functions as I do think it is important to maintain ties with their extended family.  Blake had to work as he has had to do the last several years. He is beginning to think we have the date rigged so he misses out on this celebration.  Silly goose...When I get my computer up and going I plan on posting a few photos. 

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile it seems like my life has been chaotic.  Especially with Luther being so sick and have several different operations since August. I hope I am back on track for awhile.  I have also gotten way behind on my pen pal letters as well.  I need to start carving out some time to try to get caught up on my personal correspondence.

I love getting happy mail and in order to receive it I must send it as well! 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Update on Mr.C

I haven't been around much asit as been a full time job getting Mr. C back on hiet.  I hope we are on the upward swing .
August 25 th Saturday night he called around 9 pm and he was in lots of pain.  I asked him if I needed to drive the 3 hours to Elk City and get him to the emergency room. He said that he was hoping the pain would go away. At 10 pm he called back and Rodney was taking him on to ER at Elk City. I grab a overnight bag ( had 2 change of clothes in it.) and jumped in car and headed that way. I was flying low that was for sure! They did blood work and such and we were just waiting. They never gave him anything for pain, so he is still in pain. A little before 3 am Dr came in and said his liver enzenes were extremely high. They were going to transport him to Lawton, Ok to Southwestern Hospital where he had gallbladder surgery. Mr. C. said "no Karen can drive me." Dr. said go straight to hospital as if at 3 am we were going to stop and visit with friends or something.: It is raining hard and the back roads to Lawton are twisting and winding. Didn't help that I was familiar with this route at all and I do not see well at night. Am sure Luther was more afraid of my driving that night than EVER before! Took us 3 hours to get to hospital. Elk City had called and got us his room number and instructions and we had all paperwork with us that we just went straight up to second floor surgical wing right to room 206. So here it is 6 am and he is still in pain. Finally at 3 pm he finally gets something for pain.When Dr. O. came in Sunday afternnon he was like did you just wat to see me? Then he said Mr. C's blood work from that morning was just fine. We were like wait they haven't taken any bloodwork here. Then Dr. left room and came back and was like oh I was reading blood work from last week. What a great feeling that was! This is how people die  in hospitals..just saying. So then Dr O has them to do blood work.  He also told Mr. C  that if he had ran dye thru his veins he would have caught the gallstone stuck in his bile duct and wouldn't have had to remove his gallbladder. This little mistake just cost us  about 8 weeks of no income.
So here we are in hospital for a week. On Thursday he has surgery to remove gallstone from bile duct. They also put in a stint in his liver. They went thru his mouth and that wasn't a very good experience for him at all. He said that he thought they were trying to kill him.We finally got to go home Friday.  Now we must try to get paperwork filled out for short term disability thru his work.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Surgery Day on Mr C.

Mr. C had gallbladder surgery about 12:30 pm.  When Dr O. came out to let me know how he was he told me that he also did a hernia repair on his belly button.  Oh No! That won't sit well with Mr C. as he likes to know things before they happen.  At 4 pm we are leaing hospital for home.  We get to Marlow Medicine and would you believe the pain prescription is dated for tomorrow.  So he will have to suffer thru the night unless I can find something at home that might help.  Am pretty sure that Advil is not going to touch his pain.

While he was in surgery I read a book on my Tablet and worked on a pen pal letter.  Reading is easier while waiting than projects I am working on for swaps or whatever.

Am still loving friendship books and label bags.  But guess what I have discovered slams!!  Yes they are now going to be a habit as well!!  I actually made 3 to put in my fb swaps!  Mine was titled  getting to know you.  So I asked lots of questions!  Wish I had decorated them a little more than I did!  Next ones I make I plan on making really cute ones...

Just wanted to get everyone caught up on my hectic August! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Friendship Books

Recently I started doing friendship books and label bags and goodie bags.  I have found them to be so much fun! Although I will say it does take some work as well  Such as making my labels and putting them in friendship books that just arrived.  At home right now I have a medium size priority box that came in today full of friendship books.  It is taking everything I have not to go home early from work!! It will be so much fun looking at the friendship books. Seems like fb's has taken over everything else.  I don't want to craft, journal or do swap bot with this new found hobby! Does anyone else get consumed with one hobby and put the rest on the back burner like me?

Although I have been sending out a few postcards thru walltype and am enjoying it alot.  But it has been at least a week since I have even done that.

Yesterday I got my first postcard thru send something!  Can't even tell you how excited I was over that postcard.  It was from Carla and I have read her blog many times. The postcard was from Texas and had blue bonnets on it.  A very pretty postcard and I hadn't seen it before.  So I have sent out 2 postcards for send something this morning. So hopefully it will surprise the girls that are receiving them like it did me. 

Other news is tomorrow Mr. C. goes to the surgeon to set up surgery on his gallbladder.  This past Sunday he was in the ER with lots of pain.  I was 3 hours away at home when he called me.  I jumped up and headed his way.  Am glad his derrick man took him and waited for me to get there.  Which of course at that point they were waiting on his meds.  Mr. C. has NEVER had any surgerys done and of course he is not sure what to expect.  I had this done about 13 years ago so I can only tell him my experience with it.

Guess I need to get busy.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Freezer Meals Anyone?

Lately I can't stop reading blogs about freezer meals. I am not the sort of gal who wants to cook all day and put up a bunch of meals at once. So instead I am doubling a few recipes and freezing here and there.  Today I have been hunting down some recipes I would like to try. I usually double my recipe of mexican casserole and freeze it.  Sure makes my evening meal easy when I have planned ahead.
Does anyone else do this on a regular basics? What are some of your favorite freezer meals?
Am back on my diet. Went to Dr. Steve to get my high blood pressure pills and have gained 7 pounds since last October!! Ouch that sure hurt my feelings! So now I must get back on track. I had lost 20 pounds since October but gained them plus 7 back. I knew it but didn't stop eating long enough to do anything about it was creeping on me. As in I didn't feel well, had headaches and most important my clothes weren't fitting anymore. Dr. Steve told me to get up off my rear and start walking! I fully intend to get moving!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Aurora Theater Tragedy

Oh my goodness my heart is breaking for everyone.  I can't understand why a 24 year old man would shoot and kill inside a movie theatre. I have shed tears and I don't normally cry. As a mom this hits so close to my heart.  I so hope at some point the shooter will share why he would murder and shoot children and adults he did not know.   Are we going to be scared of going out in large crowds? Sure makes one wonder how safe we are in a world of unstable people.  I for one do not want to be afraid of what ifs. But as a responsible person and mom I do believe we need to be aware of our surroundings.
Again I want to say my thoughts and prayers are going out to everyone who this tragedy has touched in one way or another. God bless America!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Missing my youngest son

Trevor went to spend a week with hisUncle Eddie and his cousins. He left last Sunday and wasonly going to be gone one week. I was going to go get him this weekend. Well that sure didn't happen...He is staying till July 24th and his Aunt Ginger is going to Lubbock Texas and will bring Trevor back with her.  Which is great, but it seems like a long time for my 13 year old to be away from home. No  he won't get homesick at all. It's all me missing him.
I haven't been to work in weeks or at least it feels like it.  Summer months at flower shop is normally slow, so I am not to excited about not working. Have been taking advantage of my free time. Which means I have been taking advantage of that by working on friendship books, working on swaps for swap bot, mailing out postcards for postcrossing and writing pen pal letters. I had been wantingto join walltype for awhile. They finally opened up membership and I got excepted! Sent off my first postcard today! Over there you can send off one postcard a day, which is awesome. On postcrossing I can only have 10 postcards traveling at one time.  Which means I have 10 out right now, hopefully a few will get registered soon.
Everyone have a wonderful and safe weekend!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

What a wonderful I had today!  I got up and went to the Marlow Okla 4th of July parade. Blake rode his brand new razor, and Aaron rode his 4 wheeler.  My nephew Coby rode Trevor's 4 wheeler, and Papa Kendall drove his newer corvette in the parade.  Papa Kendall is a veteran. Although he doesn't talk much about what he saw and such while over in Vietnam. 
I want to give a shout out to all the members of the service.  Thanks for all the hard work and dedication you do for America!
I went to my Aunt Sandra's for several hours and visited with my mom's side of the family.  Had a wonderful time.  Then I went over to my cousin's and stayed from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm.  My step mom was there as well as my brother Thomas and his wife Dana and their 5 kiddo's.  Was really nice to relax and laugh with my family.  The best part was the homemade icecream! It tasted so very good.  Ok I should add here that I do not know how to even make homemade icecream. How unamerican is that I ask you?  I may just go buy a icecream maker and learn how to this summer. 
At 8:30 pm I went to Tammie and Dan's to watch the fireworks.  The sky was filled with fireworks all over Stephens county. 
Hope everyone had a blessed 4th of July!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Saving Money

So I don't usually get my bank statement and check it out or even balance my account.  I know how much I have and just roll with it.  Well today is a new day and I deceided to write down my personal monthly bills and when they come out of account.  Boy Oh Boy was I shocked.  Now remember this is my personal account NOT our household or Mr. C's account.  Which is a blessing because my way would drive Mr. C. crazy.  He knows to the penny how much is in his accounts.  He also is the one who does our household finances for each month.  That is how I like it and it works for us.  Yes every two weeks we sat down at the dining room table and discuss the bills as he writes the checks for them.  I don't write checks as I have everything come out of my account automatically each month.  So you see we have very different ideals in how to handle our bills. 
  Anyways I am paying on five small insurance premiums.  So I deceided I didn't need that many so I cancelled 2 of them today. Which will save me $26.80 a month or looking at it for a year that savings is $312.60!  I am going to cancel another one of the small insurance premiums that runs me $56.40 a month. That savings over a year will be $676.80.  Then I called T~Mobile and cancelled a phone line that wasn't in use as well as internet on a phone line that is hardly ever used.  Thus saving $40.00 a month.  I really wanted to cancel two of the phone lines but I couldn't unless I wanted to pay $200.00 termination fee.  So these few small savings is adding up to $123.20 a month! Over the course of the year that is a whopping $1478.40 a year!! This is just from looking at finding a few places I could cut corners.  Am I done with looking? No not at all!  I may cause a small war at our house but am fixing to cut down on our dish network bill as well! Am going to try to bring it down from $103.25 a month to around $90.00 or less. 
  Now back to the insurance topic I wasn't even sure what I was actually paying for I knew I needed to drop Trevor's accidental policy as he has a better policy now.  I knew I was paying for accidental policy for me that was small then I had a policy that was $30.00 a month, had no clue what that was for.  When I called she was telling me (because that was the one I wanted to cancel) it was accidental as well as sickness.  I had just went to the emergency room June 19th and that I would get a small check for that.  What? I couldn't believe it!  Okay so let me insert here I am totally ignorant on insurance policys and such.  So when I fax in the paper work from the ER room I will get a few dollars from that!  The insurance lady also told me she would send out papers for me to fill out on Trevor's policy and I might qualify for a small rebate on his policy.  Which says to me that if you take some time looking over bills or calling and talking to someone you might end up with some extra money in your pocket.  It sure made me a believer today. What are you waiting for go get some bills out and double check them and line your pockets with some of your own hard earned cash!
I hope I haven't bored you to tears today!  I am super excited about saving some money and it was painless!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Magnetic Make~up board

Do you ever see crafts on Pinterest and think I can do this? Well this is one of them crafts that I saw recently and went for it.  It turned out wonderful! I painted my frame a brown and used brown and aqua fabric.  I hung it up in our bathroom.   I so want to make some of these for gifts for my nieces. They will make excellent Christmas gifts.  Mr. C. even helped me with the project.  This is a project that YOU can do!! So what are you waiting for get a used or old picture frame, get to a hardware store have them cut you a piece of sheet metal the size you need, get some heavy magnets,  hot glue glun, fabric of your choice, spray paint of your choice.  I sprayed my frame 2 days before I started on project wanted it nice and dry.  Went to our local hardware store and had Greg cute me a piece to fit in my frame, got it for $2.00. went to walmart to get brown spray paint, and my fabric.  I already had hot glue gun and heavy duty magnets at the house.  If I hadn't wanted to match the bathroom I could have used some fabric I had on hand. I spent about $12.00 total on this project.  I still have almost a full can of brown spray paint and lots of fabric left. I had bought a yard of material and only used a 16 X 24 piece of fabric. I had found my frame at the flower shop in the back and asked Tammie if I could have it and of course she said yes.  I will go hunting at goodwill for some cheap frames soon!  This didn't take a long time to do at all. Am thinking I have less than 2 hours invested in this project.
Do you have a easy craft you want to share with me? I would love for you to share them with me?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beautiful Tuesday

I called my step~mom this morning and was going to drop by her flower shop with a few goodies I had picked up for her.  She wasn't at work so I called and she was at the local convience store getting a drink (her favorite is Pepsi).  So I meet up with her and gave her gifts to her, which really surpised her.  I had bought her a pair of black bling flip flops, a hot pink manicure set and a pink Tshirt with a religious saying on it that I knew she would like.  So here's the funny part I was wearing the exact flip flops and wearing the same colored shirt but different saying on!! I made sure she knew I didn't get matching Tshirts which she wouldn't have minded. 

I had picked up Mr. C's gift for Father's Day this weekend.  I will have it at home when he gets in late Thursday night.  I bought him a lime green pail ( to use when he washes him truck) then I bought him tire cleaner, engine cleaner, window cleaner and towels and a mitt and car freshner and a few other odd and ends.  He will be mad at me for getting him something for Father's Day but he will get over it when I tell him its from Brody and Alisha and I. 

Tonight I have plans on going home and cleaning on the master bedroom.  It so needs it really bad.  I am wanting to redo our bedroom all the way from wall decor to bedding to accessories.  Do any of you have any good ideals?  I have been looking on ebay and such for something that catches my eye.

Guess I need to get off computer and get something accomplished.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mr. C not well

Mr. C left for work this morning at 4:30 am and he was fine.  At 8am I get a call and he isn't doing too well.  It takes 3 hours for the trip back home from Elk City  I get him loaded up and we go to Southwest Medical Center and ran many test on him.  The Cat Scan came back and he has sludge in his gallbladder, kidney stones and a hernia behind his belly button. Wow we might not needed to know about kidney stones and hernia because he will worry about all that.  4 hours later we left and he was feeling much better. 

I have been working on label bags and friendship books.  They are fun and addicting to do!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sent Mail

Today I made it to the post office and sent off alot of mail.  I sent 4 postcrossing postcards off, 2 packages of friendship books and label bags,  a swap for swap bot, and a book to a swap bot friend.  I bought  quite a bit of different stamps with the cents printed on them. I have gotten some old unused stamps that I am fixing to use on my outgoing mail.
I am going to get caught up with my pen pal letters this coming weekend. I think I have about 4 letters to get caught up on.  I need to finish up on getting friendship books and label bags sent off to new homes. Does anyone have tips on how to keep fb's and lb's organized?  I am slowly getting a few regular swappers and so I need to figure out how to sort them and not send them the same ones they have already signed.  I am sure I will get it all figured out at some point.

Something Green N&N FBs       N&N FB Challenge:  I and J  These are images from ghostlysun 79's flickr photos. I so love these friendship books! I need to learn how to be more creative when I make them!! Her's is like minature art.

I am looking for a couple more pen pals..If you would like to become a pal let me know.

Have a wonderful day!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

I am a winner!

I entered in a simple contest over at Vanessas 52 weeks of mail blog and won a small deer notebook and 6 handmade notecards! How awesome is  that? I love her blog and have been reading it awhile, its about the fun mail she receives and sends.  She sends out a lot of cool pen pal envelopes and such.

Again I will say that I admire bloggers who keep to one special topic.  I am all over the place depending on what I feel like writing about for the day.  I did send out a batch of colorful mail today and even took a photo of it at the post office.  Can't upload STILL because of computer being down..I really just need to make the call and get it taken care of now!

I may go watch my friend Cherrie barrel race tonight over at Ardmore Oklahoma.  I think that would be fun and something that I normally would never do.  No plans for tomorrow and Sunday and Monday I will go to Elk City to see Mr. C! 
These are images I got off of photobucket...

Well I think I will close here.  I must get busy making a special candy bouquet!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Busy Bee

This weekend I was busy outside working on our rock garden.  This area has been neglected for way too long, about 8 years.  I want to find a fountain and some full sun plants to put out there. I may not get it completely finished this summer but will get alot of it done.  I am not normally a outdoor person but it sure felt good to be working in the soil and pulling weeds.  Sure made for a great therapy session.

Yesterday I went to Elk City to spend the night with Mr. C.  I listened to the audio book The Divorce Party and the 3 hour road trip flew by for me.  I left this morning at 4:30 am and when I got home I did dishes (from Brody) and a load of clothes and then went outside and picked up limbs and such from around the rock garden.  Then was at flower shop by 9 am.  A very productive morning. 

Took Trevor back to Dr. Lewis his foot surgeon.  His foot is hurting him really bad. So now he is back in boot for 3 to 6 weeks.  Looks like another summer with no playing ball.  Am hoping we can get his foot figured out soon! Hate to see him in pain.

Guess I will close for now! I need to get busy doing something while I am here at flower shop...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Birthday Week!!

Oh my goodness I turn 45 years old May 9th!  I haven't celebrated my birthday in several years (since my mom and grandma passed in May 2010.)  So I feel like 45 is a great age to be and I wanted to celebrate in a good way.  So I started off by going to Grapevine Mills Outlet Mall Saturday with Trevor and my Aunt Kathy.  Shopped alot and finished the day eating at the Rainforest Cafe and Melissa (my cousin) joing us for the evening.  Then Sunday I went to Elk City and stayed till Tuesday morning. (Today).  Mr. C and I had a great time and it was just nice to be able to relax.  Of course I went to my favorite nail salon LCD in Elk City and got a full set of nails and a much needed pedicure.  I also went by to see if the hairdresser I use in Elk City was in but she was booked.  I was going to get my hair done as well.  But will give Kari a call here in Marlow, Okla and book with her next week.  Since this is Mother's Day week we are going to be a little crazy at the flower shop so I don't want to make any appointments in case I have to work.

I plan on being at the flower shop Tue, Wed, and Thursday. Then Mr. C will be home Thursday night.  I need to figure out something to put in crock pot for us to eat that evening.  I may even make a huge pot of chili since we haven't had that in awhile.  I will freeze part of it for later.  Last week I made mexican casserole and froze a 9 x 13 pan of it and toward the end of the week it disappeared! Am sure one of the kids found it and had a midnight snack.  So I am thinking I should make 2 more casseroles for the freezer.

Have a great day!  Karen

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Beautiful Day!

Today is going to be perfect! Why? Because I woke up in a great mood and am ready to tackle some much needed chores around the house.  I finally got Trevor's room completed! Yea for me as it was a all day chore.  My next round is either my craft/sun room or the shop.  In the shop I have a zillion tubs of crafts and books that I need to sort thru and get rid of half of the clutter.  This would please Mr. C VERY much! I am going to put that I have lots of craft items on my facebook page and see if anyone wants them.  If not then I will take to goodwill.  I have lots of great items but way too many of them.

Mr. C is still not feeling well.  Today his chest is back to hurting. I could tell that he didn't feel great yesterday.  But I didn't censor him by telling him NOT to mow the yard or working on my list of honey do chores. I hope while I am at the flower shop this morning he is resting. 

Guess what? We have cooked every night since Thursday!  I may not have mentioned this but we tend to eat out every meal.  Tonight we are having homemade burritos and nachos.  I believe Mr. C is doing the cooking since I cooked last night.

My computer is still down.  I plan on going back and uploading photo's once I get the computer up and going.  So please be patient with me until that happens.  What would it take? Well me making a phone call to Hughes Net and getting someone out to our house.  With us living in the rural part of Oklahoma that can take forever. 

Everyone have a great week. Karen

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Recap of the weekend

I had a great fullfilled weekend.  Friday night I sat at home and enjoyed the peace and quiet.  I took time to work on my homemaker journals.  Yes I am now currently working on 3 for swaps. Each one is different.  I am almost done with the compostion book one.  Started filling in the pages on the 3 ring binder one, and working on the cover of the last one. I have enjoyed finding different tips and articles to include in them. So that was a productive night for me.
Saturday I went to the flower shop for several hours.  Then I go to my Aunt Connie's for a family reunion.  I had a very good time and enjoyed being with my family.  My cousin's Sherrie and Michelle and I ran to Lawton Okla to Hobby Lobby and got wedding flowers and such for Julie's wedding May 12.  We have to get busy and get them done.  At 6 pm I run by my friend Angie's house to visit for a few minutes as I haven't seen her in forever.  Then home sweet home bound.  I watched tv and worked on journals. 
Sunday I got up and worked on house some. Then about 10:30am I leave to go pick up Leona and head toward Dallas Texas.  Trevor had gone to Aut Stacey's for the weekend and it was time to pick him up.  I took several pictures of the kiddo's and had a great visit with them.  I sure have missed them since they have moved to Texas.
Today I am at flower shop and it has been very busy!  So what did everyone do with their weekend? I would love to hear how everyone spent theirs!

Have a great day!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Prom Season

I Love being at the flower shop during prom season.  We rent and sell prom dresses. Then we rent Tuxedos for the guys. Of course we also make the wristlets and boutonniere's.  So we are all running around crazy.

King's Red Rose Boutonniere    

Prom Dresses

Here's a few of my favorite prom dresses.  I love seeing the girls who find the perfect dress her whole face lights up. 

Short Dresses  Ball Gowns

Real life issues

Tonight Mr. C comes home from his week of being at work.  I am so excited that it is here. Trevor my baby boy (well okay he is 13 years old but still my baby) has pus pockets on his throat.  Of course I had to work today so I couldn't take him to Dr.  Hopefully I can get him in tomorrow and get it under control before it gets much worse.

Am on a decluttering kick. It is going well for me as I tend to put everything off till I can't stand it anymore. Poor Trevor won't have much left in his bedroom when I get done with it.  I should take pictures before and after but don't want to embarrass myself. Getting the room cleaned will be a huge burden off my shoulders.

Well I had better get off here and get busy! Have a great and wonderful day!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Busy Me!

I have been busy decluttering. I started in our bedroom and still have quite a bit left in there to do. So far I have two bags for goodwill and one huge trash bag of trash. I also have went thoru old piles of mail in the craft room. I threw away old letters from pen pals that is no longer writing. I must get a better way to organize pen pal letters. Anyone want to share with me how you keep up?
I am still sending out at least one letter to family a week. Have found that it is getting harder to do as the weeks go by.
Bought a new book to read for this week. It is called Chicks with Sticks (Knitwise) by Elizabeth Lenhard. It is more of a young adult book but thought it could be interesting since it was about knitting. I must i sert here I can't knit a stich but enjoy reading books about knitting. You can visit Elizabeth on the web
Aaron my middle son who is 16 is trying to send me to the poor house. He just received his secong ticket. This one for riding his four~wheeler on the roadway. First off he knows better. Second he tried to run from officer. Third he was with a friend who I have told him not to hang out with. Yes boyswill be boys...I told him he had better figure out how he was going to get $200.00 for the ticket. He had $60.00 on him. Blake (my oldest son) told me he would pay it IF Aaron would do some work for him. So maybe Aaron will do what Blake has in mind. If not you all know I will pay the ticket. ( Just want Aaron to be more responsible)
Well I am going to close here. Just wanted to give a update on my world.

Monday, March 26, 2012

New Goals

Last year I created a list of goals and things I wanted to do.  Some I did and most of them I did not.  So why not make a short list of goals that will be easy to accomplish?

I want to read at least 3 non fiction books this year.  I do not like non fiction books at all.

To try a new wine each month.  I have never drank wine before this year.  I have already tried 2 different wines.  One was a  sweet white wine and then a chocolate wine.  I thought I would love the chocolate wine but didn't as it was too heavy in my mouth.


Try a new recipe at least twice a month.  Can't tell you how often I read cookbooks, will see several recipes I want to try but never seem to follow thru.  How many of ya are like that? Or is that just me?  I have been writing recipes in a composition book and tearing recipes out of magazines and pasting in my book to try. 

Finish two quilts I have started.  I have had them in a work of progress for way to long, I do believe it is time to get them done.

Finish a tote bag that is nearly completed.  It wouldn't take 30 minutes to complete it.  When I cut it out and put it together I really didn't like the color of the material I had used so I think that put me off on finishing it.  I know one of my nieces would love to have it once it was sewed up. 

Make a couple of mug rugs! How many times am I going to mention mug rugs in this blog? Probably till I actually get one made.  I so thought about it this weekend but had a full weekend planned.

Visit 2 local wineries   Oklahoma has several wineries within 2 hours from me.  I think that would be something fun to do with a few girlfriends. In fact I already have two that want to go with me. 


This photo is from Redbud Ridge Vineyard & Winery in Norman Oklahoma.  This is close to my house and will be the first one I will go visit.

I know I can achieve all these goals fairly fast. 

So hope everyone had a awesome weekend!  Mine was great! 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mr. C. released from Dr.

Mr. C.  finall got released from hospital March 11th that evening.  He is still weak but sure was glad to get to come home. I stayed with him the entire time. I know if I had left to go home for the night I think he would have left and went home with me. I finally got to post office yesterday to send off a journal and several penpal letters. So that made me feel better.  I have gotten several postcrossing cards in the mail lately.

I haven't been very crafty lately.  I keep talking about making mug rugs.  That is my next project I want to do!  Found some great mug rug photos.  Run over and check these awesome mug rugs out!

This has to be a favorite of mine! Would go perfect in my dining room.  Hopefully the next picture of a mug rug will be my own!! 

Everyone have a great day!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


If your here from Share your blog swap bot hello! This is my last review to do and I have completed the swap. It has been very interesting to go check out the different blogs. Just for the record I didn't do my reviews in any certain order.


Tiffany is 24 years old and lives in NY with her husband, dog, cat and tortoise.  She has taken some great photos. I really was drawn to her Tortoise Steve. I myself have had turtles as pets  but I was much younger. I would be afraid of not getting the diet right but it seems as if she has all that covered. 
She hasn't done this blog long but I like how she has it sit up, especially her photos.  Taking a look at her mail was fun. Especially the mail art she received. I know I enjoy getting art mail.  She is also into nice and neat friendship books. Sanae in Japan made me rethink about doing friendship books again. I got scared when a prisoner wrote me from acquiring my info from one. Although I do have a post office box I would use from now on if I started doing them again.  Tiffany's blog was fun to look at, so if you get a chance go check it out!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Update on Mr.C

We are still in hospital! Will 7 to 10 days ever get here? Mr. C is about to become stir crazy and I don't blame him.  Pulmonary specialist came again today and talk about how he would be on meds for infection for 3 months. He also has to wear a cpac at night which he doesn't want to do at all. At some point we will have to do more chest xrays and several more ct scans. 
I have one more review to do and that is and I will have this share your blog swap completed. I really went outside my comfort zone to do this swap. Reviews are not my cup of tea I tell you!  When I see reviews and they are written so well with both pro and cons I am like wow, wish I had that talent.
I am going to go for now. I want a shower and one last hot tea before it gets any later. Although we haven't been going to sleep till after midnight or so if then. Will either finish the review later tonight or tomorrow.

DeviantDivine blog review

Good evening everyone! It is time for me to do my last 2 reviews for share your blog swap. As I have done for the other blog reviews I will make separate entry's it is only fair. Am so glad I had this swap to do while sitting in the hospital with Mr. C.  In fact I tried to  visit everyone's that was in this swap. So I will get started...

                                                DeviantDivine review

Rebacca's blog is called
I normally do not ever check out youtube videos. For one reason at home I do not have wireless and it takes forever if at all to download. Since we are at hospital I am using their wireless...yea! I found the video of Saturday Shimmies: The neighbourhood strays quite interesting. In fact I watched it 3 times. Then I checked out the video of Mira Belz left me wanting to see more. I have always wanted to learn how to belly dance.
Over all Rebecca's blog was upbeat and fun to wander around and check out. So if you want  to check out different music videos or unique belly dancing this is one of the blogs you will enjoy!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Agenta Emma~Married Edition

Welcome everyone! Tonight while sitting at the hospital I am going to review Emma's blog.  I so enjoyed how  Emma does product reviews. I recently have started enjoying wine and I am going to try several of her recommendations.
I also have decided that I want to try the Chocolate Monkey tea. My mouth went to watering and I could taste the tea already. Yes I did go the website and order some different teas that I normally wouldn't have tried.
Another thing I liked about Emma's blog was her 26 goals and how she keeps us updated on where she is with them. I have found that my attention span for goals on my blog doesn't last very long. Of course I wasn't smart like Emma, I had 100 goals which was my first mistake.  Wish I had been like her and made a realistic goal list to begin with. Out of her goals my favorite was to try out 12 new wines. That is a ideal I plan on taking from Emma's blog.
Emma also introduced me to several foods I had no ideal existed. She also gave some cooking advice on how to use these foods.
Emma's blog has a great mix of reviews, family life and good information on food. I know I plan on coming back to visit her blog. So run on over to her blog and check it out!

Mr. C update

We are still in hospital. He has abcess on his lung and part of his lung has died from the infection. We are going to be here at least 7 to 10 more days. Sure has gave us lots of time together as I haven't left his side at all. We just want him well and back at home.  We haven't gotten much sleep as you don't go to the hospital to rest.
I am working on reviews for Share your blog swap. Being here has gave me time to do this swap plus write pen pal letters. Yes I have to stay busy or I get bored really fast. So glad I grabbed a few things to keep busy with. Had no ideal we would be here sooo long.
I have 3 more reviews to write. Have been doing them individual as I want each blog to shine in their own light.  Have so enjoyed each and every blog. I have never done reviews before but am finding it to be fun.

Monday, March 5, 2012


This is a review of Barsook's blog from Share your bog from  swap~bot. I myself do not read much fantasy type books, (romance is my fave genre). Barsook's blog is called World of turzukarr Humans, Drazards, Elves & Dwarfs Oh My! What a world.

First of the reason I joined this share your blog swap to find swaps outside my normal range, and this blog hit that want right on the head! She does some very interesting drawings of her characters as well. I found her to be a talented artist as well as writer. I downloaded Torzukarr to my kindle to read. She said she wrote it in about 30 minutes, which really impressed me because it has a good plot the only thing I found lacking was I wanted more! It needs a good solid ending for me (remember I am used to the woman getting her man at the end of a romance book) I went to several post because I wanted to get a feel for her. I am impressed that she can understand her characters and knows what she wants them to do. I do believe it takes someone lots of talent to come up with different types of characters. I see her headed in the right direction with her fantasy writings. I say go check out her writings and see for your self what I am telling you! My parting words is I think she is talented and has a brigh future ahead of her. Good luck girl!

Tea with Lemon blog review

Hello to all who is here for the share your blog swap. The first blog I went to was Tea with Lemon.I found Wendy's blog to be cheerful and fun. She had several topics that I am interested in reading.  Some of her main topics were altered art and journals, sewing, photography and losing weight. I thought her blog was well rounded with something for everyone. I enjoyed looking at her photos of her first attempt at art journals. I liked how she played with the paint on her pages. Then I went to her sewing pages. The dress is so dang cute! Her photographs speaks volumes! As I was looking at the bird she took out her window it was as if I was there with her. How awesome to be able to take great photo's.  I found Wendy's blog to be very  interesting and of course I will be coming back to see more!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hospital stay

Mr. C has been in hospital since Friday. The ct scan shows a 7x4x0 cm mass on his right lung. They have us in a private room and have isolated him. We are waiting on a pulmonary specialist.  He has never been in the hospital and this is freaking him out big time. It is a huge waiting game and its confusing to him. Sure hope we will hear more about test results and such Monday. Keep us in your thoughts...
I have been getting caught up with pen pal letters. So far I have wrote 3 (which I thought was great). Also I have working in my slow cooker journal. Writing down recipes is calming and keeps me busy.  The hard part will come later when I am decorating it. Wish I had brought my stepford wife journal thatI am working on for a swap. Actually I am working on 2 of them, one is for a private swap. So excited about doing these swaps.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sickness in the house

Mr C has phenomia and has been home for 10 days.  I think he is getting worse instead of better.  He goes back to Doctor tomorrow and hopefully get more meds to take.  I have had a head cold all week.  It hasn't been alot of fun at our house.

I am going to help out my cousin Sherrie with her daughter's wedding and showers.  I think we will have lots of fun pulling everything together.  We have tulle and will make lots of big bows and that always goes along way with decorations.  It also helps that she is having the wedding at a cute venue that is already decorated really cute. 
I found these images at
When I use photos from internet I am trying very hard to make sure the credit gets to where it belongs.  So it looks like my crafts will be designing a wedding and a shower the next several months. I ordered several cool things from a cool website.
I can't wait for the items to get here so I can go thru them. 

Recieved a art journal in the mail to work on and I will tell you I have enjoyed it this round.  I hope Melissa will be happy with what I have done.  I need to finish up about 5 pages and I will send it home to her.  I did it alot different than the last art journal I worked in for her.  She is going to be really surprised.

I have joined a swap where I am making a slow cooker recipe book using 50 recipes.  I am thinking that I may want to make 2 of them so I can keep one for myself.  Yes I know I will get one from my partner but what if I forget where I found these recipes I used? I plan on cutting out photos of food and decorating the pages some also.  Give it a scrapbook feeling. 

I have 4 letters to send out toward my 52 letters for this year goal.  I haven't done as well as I thought I would.  But as I was saying the last 3 weeks or so we haven't been feeling very well.  I had the virus the week before Valentines Day.  Then I worked alot Valentines week.  Which meant I just didn't feel up to the challenge to write any letters.

The Budget is shot right out of the window.  I had to get a root canal and crown and let me tell you that was wxpensive.  I will say that I am glad that I had been frugal or I would be hurting financially right now.  Plus Mr C lost 3 days at his job which cost us close to $1500.00.  So we will be watching our money real close the next several paydays.  I need to get back on track and enter my expenses on my G~slate tablet.  Seems to work better for me than writing down in a book.  As I do carry my tablet everywhere with me. 

My computer is still down and I so want to post some new photos I have taken lately.  Will do that as soon as I get a chance to call Hughes Net and get them out to the house.  I think it is in our lines not the computer itself.  I already had the computer at Dr and he said it was okay had many virus on it.

Have a great and wonderful week!!!  

Monday, February 13, 2012

motivation needed!

I so want be creative! I have several sewing  projects in mind for this year.  I so want to learn how to make e reader holders and make up bags  and mug rugs.  I have taught my self how to use a sewing machine and every day its a learning process.  I know need to   learn how to put in zippers. I don't think they are hard but I have no ideal how to do zippers.

I have wrote 3 pen~pal letters this week, plus a letter to my brother Lonnie. So that means that I am good to go on the 52 weeks of mail project I am tring to do. 

I think the more I try to save miney the faster it goes! I am just glad I have been tracking my   money so I have a very clear picture of how it is slipping thru my fingers. I tend to take the approach of hiding my head in the sand. That usually backfires on me. 

Need to get the boys Valentine items bougt and ready to send to school. I will take Blake's to his house. He gets home from work that night. I need to add some summer sausage and crackers to his basket. Right now it is mainly chocolate and he isn't a big candy eater. On the other hand the other two boys does like candy and chocolate.
I have been busy at the flower shop getting ready for Valentines Day. In all the rush I didn't take any photos of the gift baskets I have made. They go really fast. Today we will be taking orders and working on our dozen roses and fresh arrangements.

I haven't been balancing my checkbook, so that didn't work out so well for me. My excuse is last week I was at dentist 2 different days and ended up getting a root canal. The week before I was sick all week with a virus. So after this week I am going to take all receipts I have and get them entered and get back on track. Am glad I was frugal last month because the expense of the two dentist.  This month I haven't been frugal at all. I am going to get back on track right his minute.
I have to stop here and say how sad I am about Whitney Houston passing away.  I do believe she was a great singer.
On happier news was glad to see Adele get the awards last nigh at the Grammy's! You go girl! I for one will be lined up to buy her next album. Her songs are so real, however she learned about love and heartbreak it sure made her a huge winner!!
Last night it snowed here in Oklahoma. Bray schools are opening up late 2 hours. We didn't get the ice but our school is way out in the country with lots of dirt roads and such. Am just glad that they are concerned about our childrens safety.
I can't wait to get busy and do some crafts. I am so ready to be doing a few crafts.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Elk City, Ok bound!

Once again I am on my way to see Mr.C at Elk City, Okla. He is going to be so surprised that I am here.
This morning I spent quality time with my middle son Aaron. We just watched tv and talked. I am so lucky that he wanted to spend that time with me.
I have been working on swaps and 2 journals that are for swaps. Last night I got home to a journal in the mail and a swap and a pen pal letter. You know that made me very happy.
Yesterday I went to Dallas Texas to do some shopping. My Aunt Kathy went with me and we giggled and talked the entire trip like school girls. Was wonderful to spend time with one of my favorite aunts!
It is almost time for Mr. C to get to the hotel room.. Have a blessed day.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

52 weeks of mail

This so sounds like something I can do and enjoy doing as well.  I am going to send 1 piece of mail every week to a extended family member or close friend.  If I run out of family and friends then I will find new pen pals.  I have seen other bloggers telling about their great mail day.  With me being a member of swap bot I send off more than one piece of fun mail every week.   I want this to be more about reconnecting with family members that I don't see very often.  I do like writing letters and sending cards so this should be easy for me to do!  If your looking for a new pen pal please don't hesitate to let me know and I will get a letter out to you asap!!
This is not my picture I used it from

Have I been frugal today? Yes I have! I put $27.00 dollars in gas in my car this morning.  I also had to go to Dollar Store and get a few items.  Ended up spending  $7.97.  So at this point I still have $12.03 left to spend or put up in my savings. I cleaned out my purse and found $24.00 that I put in my savings jar.So that made me very happy. Remember that I am not counting my gas money or  necessities as spending money.  I already collect all my loose change and save it.  I try not to spend change ever.  My youngest son Trevor was like what are we saving for mom? I told him I don't know yet but when I figured it out I would let him know.  When we went to Washington DC back July 4th 2008 I took all my change and ended up with about $400.00 worth.  That was Trevor's spending money.  So I have been saving change this time since July 2008 and have no ideal how much I have saved.  I may get some paper rollers and start rolling some of it up when I have nothing else to do.  I may surprise myself and have a good amout of change.  I am not counting that in with my savings goal for this year.  But will start counting my change and bills at this point forward. 
$2 bill  

So tell me what are some of your goals for 2012? I have only listed 2 of mine.

* Save $1000.00 for 2012

* Write a letter ever week to a extended family member or friend.

Had to take Trevor to Dr. this morning.  He cracked his finger.  Really? I can't believe my boy sometimes.  I asked him  why he keeps breaking him self and his reply was he was trying to catch up with Blake (his 20 year old brother) Sheesh...Trevor is such a character sometimes. Then come Friday Trevor goes back to his surgeon to see about getting released.  Which would be great but guess what??? His other foot that also has the exta bone is starting to swell and bother him.  Which means he will have to get that bone sawed off as well.  I told Trevor we might as well get him fixed now instead of waiting like we did on his right foot.Although in his eyes he doesn't want another year out of sports...I would think now would be better than when he gets to high school..Guess we will see what Dr. Lewis tells us Friday.

Everyone have a great week!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

Where is the time going? Here I am 3 days into the new year and I haven't done much of anything. Well that isn't totally true, as I have made 3 new swaps on swap bot for Valentine's   day. I also have been looking at blogs. I have found several new blogs to follow.
Well frugal isn't happening for me. I hate to even admit this but here I go. I have spent $180.00 on hotel room the last 3 days, got a new set of nails $53.00, highlights in hair $55.00, $20.00 at homeland for snacks,$27.00 to fill my car up for road trip. Good grief I need to get some self control over my spending. So we will see how the next few days spending goes. I may resort to putting spending money in envelope and when its empty no more spending. That wouldn't be gas money or grocerys. Do you think I could keep my spending money down to $20.00 a day? Sure would like to see how that goes.  There is a swap on swap bot that is set up for saving money. I didn't do it because I was afraid of failure.

Well everyone I am going to go get ready to eat supper with Mr. C...Have a wonderful night!