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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saving Money!!

I went shopping with my coupons and this is what I bought.  It would have been 100.00 but I paid $25.00 for it all!  I also got back $16.00 in register rewards!  I am so loving Walgreen's.  I did multiple transactions so I could roll the register rewards to get the most out of my money.  I know I probably could have done better but had Aaron and Alexis with me.  From now on for the bigger hauls I think I will go by myself.  I don't think very clearly when I am distracted. 
I am using the 3 mouthwashes, 3 toothpaste and 3 toothbrushes in my baskets for my boys.  I have other items I will be putting in the baskets as well. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

My Treasured Friends swap

This is what my partner Betty sent me for the fall swap.  I loved it all! Snuggle socks, postcard, stickers and gift tags, gingerbread tea, book and a handkerchief Wonderful items!.
I belong to a wonderful group on Facebook called My Treasured Friends.  It's a pen pal type group. I am loving everyone in the group.  They treat me like I have always been a part of their group when in fact I have only been a member for a few months.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Blake is 23 today!

My oldest son is 23 years old! I am so proud of the man he is becoming. 

I just had to share some of the pictures I have of him.  This last one of him and Logan has to be one of my favorites! 
Blake hope your birthday was as awesome as you are son!! Moma loves you very much!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Snow Day!

Image result for snow pictures

The area schools have closed today! Which means I am staying home as well! I've been on a roll and have been making my Christmas Cards out.  I also wrote several pen pals as well. I am so trying to stay current with pen pal letters plus write back to pals I've neglected the last several months. I think I am doing a great job so far.  Chipping  down the incoming mail pile feels good.

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I actually have been home alone since Thursday evening.  It has been a blessing for me.  Normally my bonus son is here with me 24/7.  He took a road trip to Tyler Texas.  I am so proud of him.  He took the bus and had some hiccups along the way but he made it.  He is very use to his mom and
Mr. C. taking care of him.  His mom did call the bus station to check up on him..uugh.  At this rate no wonder he isn't mature.. Just saying. 

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I am thinking about trying to make some homemade Christmas cards.  I know I can do it I just need to go get the right supplies for the project.  May put this on my list for next year.

I am going to make a Christmas Junk Journal! I do have all the supplies to start it.  So will start working on that soon. 

You will never believe that I cleaned up my craft room yesterday!! It looks 100 percent better.  I bet Mr. C. will love how it looks when he comes home,  I was NOT going into that room cause I was overwhelmed and it was looking like a junk room.  No way could I even think about creating in that horrible mess that I had made thru the last many months.  It isn't perfect but it looks so good. What a weight lifted off my shoulders.