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Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting behnd on pen pal letters.

Oh my goodness I am So far behind on my pen pal letters.  I don't know why I get behind but I have.  Today I am writing a long letter to Shannon, my last one to her was 10 pages long..  Am pretty sure that won't happen this time but it will be long.  Of course you have to factor in my huge handwriting as well.  Which my eyes are getting worse as we  Getting older isn't much fun when your eyes were bad anyways.  I love writing letters and so enjoy getting fun mail so therefor I need to keep up or at least try to keep up with incoming mail. 
I sent out today 4 items for swap bot, 4 items for, 7 envies of friendship books, 1 package for my secret sis at church, and a package for my pen pal Debbie. I also sent my brother Lonnie a letter and also a Halloween card.  So he will get 2 pieces of mail this week from me.
Wish my envelopes was this pretty. Although I did try to decorate most of my outgoing mail but missed a few envelopes especially the big brown envelopes I sent to my secret sis and Debbie.  My bad!

What's for dinner tonight?  Does anyone have any ideals for me?  I never cook hamburger helper but am really considering it tonight.  I am tired and its only 3pm.  Will pull up in drive in at 6 pm if not later if I go to grocery store.  So that doesn't leave much time for cooking and cleaning and laundry.  I also need to get some friendship books and label bags moving. 
I have been working more the last couple of weeks at flower shop.  So I am sure that is why I am getting behind on everything.  Normally the week Mr. C. is home I work on all of my fun mail.  The week he is at work I work a few days as well.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Getting some Family time

Last night after work I went to see my oldest son Blake.  He bought a Polaris RZR during the summer and he had it parked in front of his house.  Anyhoo my sister in law Dana, Jordan (Blake's Girlfriend) and I went riding out on our 5 acres.  Jordan sit in the back and didn't complain till her rear started warming  We had a really good time.  Dana had cooked dinner she made a spicy chicken recipe which she calls Thomas's Chicken.  She warned me it was spicy and she wasn't joking around.  I ate about 2 teaspoons of it and was good to go!! Dana and Thomas have 4 girls and 1 boy.  Jett is 1 year old and let me tell you he is all boy.  He was carrying around a wrench and trying to fix everything.  He is such  joy to be around.  I must say it was nice to have family time.  Thomas & Dana, Karen Sue (Granny), Blake and Jordan and I really had a great visit.  Makes me wonder why I don't go over there more often?  They live about 13 miles from me.  I am probably within  7 blocks of the neighborhood at any given time when I am in Marlow, Ok.  Shame on me!!

Don't cook. Don't clean. No man will ever make love to a woman because she waxed the linoleum - "My God, the floor's immaculate. Lie down, you hot bitch." ~Joan Rivers 
So needless to say Bathroom and Living Room is NOT cleaned.  So I will do that when I get home this evening.  I am putting on Lasagna with garlic cheese bread and a salad for dinner.  Mr C. should be home at 9 pm. Am hoping he is talking to me at that point but if not he will have a full tummy never the less.  Am sticking with my normal routine till I figure out what he is going to do with me. 

My theory on housework is, if the item doesn't multiply, smell, catch fire, or block the refrigerator door, let it be. No one else cares. Why should you? ~Erma Bombeck

 Grandma Berdine is having a birthday October 28th.  I never know when her birthday is and this year I figured it out!  Sometimes it pays to work in a flower shop.  A good friend of Berdine's Judy Penny called and ordered her a gift for us to deliver to Berdine.  So I made sure to write her birthday date in my Mom's Manager book.  I went and picked her up a few gifts from the boys and I and will deliver them with Judy's gift.  I also called Blake and told him so maybe the boys could run out there and visit with her one evening as I am sure she would like that better than gifts. 

     I don't feel so blue today.  Am thinking positive thoughts and said many prayers.  Mr. C. and I need to be on the same page and not let drama be the main factor in our lives.  We are happy and very much in love and for others to try and destroy it makes no sense.  Am glad he comes home tonight and hopefully we will get our life back on track one way or another!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Family Reunion

Every October we have a family reunion at Ardmore Oklahoma.  This is my boys family on their deceased dad's side.  I have been going many years but I must say this year was very enjoyable.  Aaron and I got oer their about 11:30 am and started visiting. Tevor rode over with Uncle Eddie and Aiden and Mallory.  They arrived about noonish.  I love hering stories about their Grandpa Tony and their Dad Mark.  I had forgot about Mark being a professional on laying floating floors and the company sending him all over the USA to lay these floors.  I have made my boys go to these functions as I do think it is important to maintain ties with their extended family.  Blake had to work as he has had to do the last several years. He is beginning to think we have the date rigged so he misses out on this celebration.  Silly goose...When I get my computer up and going I plan on posting a few photos. 

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile it seems like my life has been chaotic.  Especially with Luther being so sick and have several different operations since August. I hope I am back on track for awhile.  I have also gotten way behind on my pen pal letters as well.  I need to start carving out some time to try to get caught up on my personal correspondence.

I love getting happy mail and in order to receive it I must send it as well!