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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Purple Christmas?!?

I so want a purple Christmas tree and decorations this year.  It would drive Mr. C crazy! So I better stick with my same old same decorations.  Then maybe I can put a minuture purple Christmas tree on the fireplace in the bedroom next year.  So I could still have my

Beautiful purple Christmas trees!  W

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas bucket list

I normally do not make up a Christmas bucket list but I felt like I needed one so hopefully I can mark off some of the items I want to do

Put up Christmas tree and decorations

Listen to Christmas music

Make candy and truffles
     Aaron likes to help with rum balls
     Trevor likes the Oreo balls

Bake some gifts for church family

Make a gluten free treat for Ms. Shirley
       But I will go full gluten for everything else I bake..just because I can..

Go see Christmas lights.
        Would love to go to Chickasha Oklahoma for their light display.

Be kind and not grumpy!
          I don't like being grumpy...but when I get to that point it tells me I have way too much on my plate.  So I need to remember to prioritize my list.

Read a couple of Christmas  novels

Movie night with favorite Christmas treats.

Get family picture taken

Go caroling with church

Make a Christmas craft

Donate a new toy

Give some non perishables for a needy family
          Doing this thru church

I really think my list is doable this year.  I want to do mason jar spa kits for a few special ladies. I also thought about using mason jars for men some hot chocolate mix.   I would decorate the jars with Christmas colors.