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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Buying online fail

Bath and Body Works

I was so excited to have my box of Bath and Body Works delivered on a Saturday.  I get my package in the house and I open it and this is how it came.  I’m not happy at all.  So I call customer service and the lady says sorry for your leak wipe it off.  I’m like no you don’t understand this is more than a leak it exploded.  She says I will replace the damaged one. I say to her can I send this back to you and you send me a new box. Her reply is no unless you want to pay cost of shipping.  Needless to say I’m very disappointed with her.  Trying not to be rude I again try telling her how bad this box looks and really she could care less.  Do I then tell her OK here is what I’m going to do.. I will go to social media.  Wasn’t joking with her.  So yes went to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  I left bad reviews on Bath and Body Facebook page.  Then I left a comment about beware of buying online and left pictures.   Someone messaged me and asked me to explain what happened and so I did as well as added more photos of my box.  Then spent time cleaning up my items.  Which truthfully didn’t take long but they were gifts for Christmas.   Then by Tuesday I do get a message telling me they would send new box not including the one she was sending.  I offered to send back the first box but they didn’t want it.   
So if I hadn’t went to social media I would have just had to settle for my messy box.  I know in the grand scheme of things I probably shouldn’t have been so upset about a messed up box.  Maybe  I shouldn’t have left a bad review. I really don’t know but am proud that #Bathandbodyworks took care of me.  I did go back and left a better review.  

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Life is good!

Hello Everyone!  I know I haven't blogged about my vacation yet.  I have been busy since getting back home.  Mr. C. and I decided  that I would NOT return to the flower shop.  For several reasons but the biggest one would be so I can be home and help him when he doesn't feel his best.  As you may be aware he is disabled.   This has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.  Seems as if every day flies by for me.  I am getting many things decluttered.  Which is a great thing for us!  Mr. C. is a minimalist where I tend to be a pack rat.  
Free stock photo of light, house, table, luxury

This is what Mr. C would love!!

Black Wooden Round Stool

I like lots of stuff!! No joke!!!!Would love a room like this one!  Maybe one day. Do you like lots of random items in the house?

So needless to say I am enjoying the break from work but yet am working hard on our house.

I promise to come back and fill in about my trip/cruise.  I do not have my pictures backed up yet and so I will get all that done soon.  I took lots of pictures while I was on the cruise this year.  I had a great time that is for sure.

beverage, caffeine, coffee
I have been busy writing pen pal letters!! I have sent off around 15 pieces of mail the last several days. Sure have been missing my pen pal letters, swaps and journals and packages I use to get on a regular basis.   Hopefully I can get more wrote and sent by this weekend.  I am currently working on 2 journals, a snowman swap and a tea swap.  Love being on swap and a Facebook group
snailmailRus.   I have always enjoyed my penpals.

caffeine, coffee, cup
Love to have a good hot drink when writing my penpal letters.  I prefer hot tea or hot chocolate.  But in a pinch flavored coffee will work.

Take care my friends!!!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Halloween cruise 2017

So have my suitcase and tote out ready to pack.   Am super excited about going out of Mobile Alabama port this time.  Just because it will be a new experience for me.  
I have my jewelry together in my cute anchor jewelry organizer.   So don't have to worry about that at last minute.   Most of my toiletries are packed. Will double check everything.  
This trip I'm trying to take my new clothes OR ones I haven't taken on a cruise before.  This way I can have pictures in different clothes.  Makes it easier to sort pictures down the road.  If I was more organized I would have them in photo books with dates.  That would take guess work out of it. 

Am leaving October 27th for my vacation.  Will return November 6th.  Going to Cozumel and Costa Maya.   Making pit stops at Galveston Texas, Biloxi Mississippi, Mobile Alabama and going to Pensacola Florida.  

Most excited about the cruise.  Love to be pampered on the five day cruise.  I really enjoy the entire experience while being on the cruise ship.  This year we will be on Carnival Fantasy ship.  It's a older ship but has the 2.0 upgrades.  Several different restaurants to eat at that you can pay extra money.  I am leaning toward the steakhouse the first night.  That experience is well worth the $35.00.  

I hope to find time to write about each day while gone on vacation.  Last year I only wrote 2 days of entries.  Wished I had incorporated it into a activity such as rising early and watching the sun rise on the lido deck.  I'd have a hot drink in hand enjoying the peaceful mornings before everyone got up and around.  

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Logan's 1st day in 1st grade

Logan is going into first grade already! He sure has grown up way to fast for this memaw!! I am so proud that is sweet, smart and loving to everyone.  Here's to a great first grade Logan!! May it be filled with lots of memories!!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Kara and Allison

Kara and Allison
These are two of my sweet nieces.  They are growing up way to fast!  Kara is 17 and Allison is 19 years old.  
I can remember putting Trevor and Allison down on a baby quilt together when they were babies.  Just seems like yesterday!  Stacey and I lived across the street from each other.  Which meant we spent lots of time together.  Sure miss them days!  I would almost say that it was as if Stacey was a sister not just a sister in law.  I am glad to say even today with Lonnie and Stacey getting a divorce if one of us needed the other we would be right there for the other.  
This photo was taken at the race track.  Their brother Hunter was racing.
I can't imagine where the girls lives will lead them.  I know they are going places and I am so excited for them!!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Aaron's Family

Aaron, Michelle, Wesley and Angel

It was time for a family picture of Aaron's family!  
Pix Gal photography Studio did a awesome job.   This was our 2nd setting with her.  I have 2 more scheduled before school starts.  The next session will be watermelon themed.  Which is perfect since I live in a town that prides themselves on watermelons.  Then we  must do back to school pictures.  Especially since Angel will be going this year.  

Wesley and Angel 



These kiddo's are so stinking cute it isn't funny!  they both enjoyed the mini photo shoot today.
I hope to get their pictures made at least Pix Gal photography is reasonable priced.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Hunter racing!

                                                               Go Hunter Go!

Karen Sue, Hunter and Lonnie

We are a racing family and now we have the little guys racing as well! I am so proud of Hunter Joe!! 
I think that Lonnie will work with Hunter and teach him how to build the race car up from the ground and keep it going.  Plus it will keep Hunter busy and that will help him to stay focused.  
Hunter Joe give them hell on the track!!!