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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Logan's 1st day in 1st grade

Logan is going into first grade already! He sure has grown up way to fast for this memaw!! I am so proud that is sweet, smart and loving to everyone.  Here's to a great first grade Logan!! May it be filled with lots of memories!!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Kara and Allison

Kara and Allison
These are two of my sweet nieces.  They are growing up way to fast!  Kara is 17 and Allison is 19 years old.  
I can remember putting Trevor and Allison down on a baby quilt together when they were babies.  Just seems like yesterday!  Stacey and I lived across the street from each other.  Which meant we spent lots of time together.  Sure miss them days!  I would almost say that it was as if Stacey was a sister not just a sister in law.  I am glad to say even today with Lonnie and Stacey getting a divorce if one of us needed the other we would be right there for the other.  
This photo was taken at the race track.  Their brother Hunter was racing.
I can't imagine where the girls lives will lead them.  I know they are going places and I am so excited for them!!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Aaron's Family

Aaron, Michelle, Wesley and Angel

It was time for a family picture of Aaron's family!  
Pix Gal photography Studio did a awesome job.   This was our 2nd setting with her.  I have 2 more scheduled before school starts.  The next session will be watermelon themed.  Which is perfect since I live in a town that prides themselves on watermelons.  Then we  must do back to school pictures.  Especially since Angel will be going this year.  

Wesley and Angel 



These kiddo's are so stinking cute it isn't funny!  they both enjoyed the mini photo shoot today.
I hope to get their pictures made at least Pix Gal photography is reasonable priced.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Hunter racing!

                                                               Go Hunter Go!

Karen Sue, Hunter and Lonnie

We are a racing family and now we have the little guys racing as well! I am so proud of Hunter Joe!! 
I think that Lonnie will work with Hunter and teach him how to build the race car up from the ground and keep it going.  Plus it will keep Hunter busy and that will help him to stay focused.  
Hunter Joe give them hell on the track!!!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Bingo Night!!

Ms.. Shirley 

The last Thursday of every night the Senior Citizens has a bingo night.  Ms. Shirley 
 asked me if I wanted to go with her.  I said sure sounds like you will have a great time.  I was going to read a book while she played.. Well that didn't happen as I ended up playing.  Well let me tell you these older folks take this game way serious!! I had fun playing as well as watching how everyone interacted with the others.  

Shirley and me

I couldn't go without taking a selfie of us now could I?  At 50 years old I do believe I was the youngest one there... Although Vonda was there with her mon and she is 5 years older than me.  What is age thou?  Shirley had a great time and it got her out of her house for several hours.
I hope we remember to attend next month!! 

Shirley waiting on the bingo lady to start calling out the numbers.  Unfortunately we didn't win a prize but still had the best time ever!  Let me tell you the prizes they had wasn't too shabby at all. I saw a pretty necklace, a couple of tote bags, household items as well as some tools.  Several cool items I would have liked myself.  In fact I am thinking if I see some nice gifts on sale I might just pick up to take to put on the gift table.  
Entertainment that is free that includes lots of visiting and laughter equals a perfect evening.  Sometimes I believe we forget that we don't have to pay large amounts of money to have a good time.  This night was the perfect example of having a good time for no cost.  They even had drinks and cookies!  Although if I go back next month I think I will take a bottle of Coke and a package of my favorite cookies.  They had Pepsi but I am a Coke gal.  The cookies they provided was more of a dry variety where I like Oreos or Chocolate chip cookies.  Yes I might be a tad bit picky.  Although I would share my goodies with the others. 
Hanging with Ms. Shirley has been so good for my soul.  She fills a void in my heart that has been empty since my mom and grandma passed in 2010.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Blake's family

Jessica and Blake



Blake and Jessica went to a wedding this weekend.    Doesn't Logan look so big these days?  He is so cute and the sweetest boy ever in this me maw's eyes! 

As you can tell I stole these pictures right off  of Jessica's Facebook page!  So now I can treasure them as well and show everybody Blake's nice family.  I am so proud of him!!  Jessica has been so good for Blake.  Together they have created a good life for them and Logan. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Pamper Me!

Tonight I need a super long bubble bath and some wine and a good book!
At our house we normally just take showers.  So last night I cleaned out the tub really good and tonight am going to take advantage of a clean tub. 
Sometimes it is important to step outside our daily routine and focus on ourselves first and foremost. 

So my plan is to read something I normally do not have time to read.  Tonight it will be Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich.  I have had this book for quite some time now so it's time to crack it open.  I was thinking about keeping it for the cruise in October but I don't want to wait that long.

My hair needs a good deep condition so I will do this while enjoying my soak.  I just need to remember to rinse well before I step out
of the tub. 
Aromatherapy is a must.  I have some Lavender foam bath I will use tonight.  Smells so darn yummy. Plus it is relaxing.

Don't forget to pamper your face!  Face Mask is a must.  I do not do this nearly enough so tonight will be the night!! 

Music  I have found a new app to me that I want to use.  Spotify Music.  I normally go for pop music or adult top hits.  Tonight I am leaning toward some Christian music by Newsboys.  We just currently watched God's Not Dead.  Before that I hadn't heard of them. 

I can't wait to get in the tub and soak and forget all  about my troubles for just a little bit.  Lately my life has been filled with stress and turmoil.  This should help me relax and let go of some of the minor negativities in my mind. 

I am treating tonight like a date night to myself.   I am so looking forward to some me time!