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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Egg & Hashbrown casserole

A perfect Sunday morning.  Am cooking a egg and hash brown casserole.  It is very easy to make with ingredients you should have on hand.  As many of you know I’m all about casseroles.  So this recipe is perfect for my family.

Egg and Hash Brown Casserole

Prep time   15 minutes
Cook time  45 minutes
Total time   1 hour

     1/2 lb breakfast sausage (or you can use a combination of ham, bacon and breakfast sausage).

      Chopped veggies (optional) I used onion and green peppers.

       12 eggs ( today I only had 6 eggs)  so went with what I had.

        1 cup Milk
        1 package of frozen hash browns.

        1 cup cheddar cheese (shredded). Sometimes I use Mexican cheese.

        Salt and pepper to taste

       Brown breakfast sausage.  
       In a bowl, beat eggs and milk.  Stir in all other ingredients.  Put in a greased
        9x13 pan and bake at 350 for 45~55 minutes or until well set.  Make sure the middle
        of casserole is done.  Serve topped with Salsa and addition cheese.

This makes leftovers at my house.  Which is always a bonus.  I’m always looking for easy and quick
recipes.   Some are hits and others are misses.  This one is always a hit.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.  I really appreciate you taking time to check me out.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Couponing at DG

My $29.00 haul.

I bought 22 items shown here for a total of $29.00.  I was very happy with my savings.  Everything that was bought is something we use.  Gone are the days of buying some random item for cheap and never using it.  Which is how I started doing when I first used coupons. 
My secret is I am in several groups on Facebook.  I follow extreme couponing with Greg the Dude.  I always factor in more money for the total.  As I’ve discovered Oklahoma prices and taxes are usually higher than where he is located.  I have only been using digital coupons.  I also have not have one account.  I must admit sometimes I wish I had more accounts but I just want to follow the rules. 
My little stock pile is down to nothing.  So my goal is to build it back up slowly with the least amount of cash.  I need to really pay more attention to sales and coupons. 
On this trip alone I saved $46.00.  Probably one of my best coupon trips to date. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Just ice and sleet

I always look forward to days off due to ice.  Looks like I will be happy at home till at least Monday. This always gives Mr. C and I quality time together.  Our winter is his year has been mild.  Although we have had bitter cold days just no snow.
Yesterday when it started I had Mr.C run me to store to get a few items incase we couldn’t get out.  If your wondering my list contained Coke and chocolate with a few items of real food.  I probably could  survive on coke and chocolate.   Mr.  C thinks he needs more nourishment than junk.  
I think I will make a big pot of Taco Soup.  It’s yummy and we all like it.  Plus it’s super easy and fast to throw together. 
While I’m home I plan on reading a book by Nicholas Sparks.  Have heard great reviews about him.  Have you read any of his books?  What did you think? 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Etsy Planner Stickers

I’m enjoying my planner this year.  Have been buying stickers from Etsy.  I have been pretty pleased with my planner stickers so far.  This last order I spent $13.00 and when I got my order it was kinda disappointing.  No fault of the shop as I went back to read the dimensions of each sticker sheet.  Lesson learned the hard way.  My advice is always to read what your ordering.
Cute stickers just expensive!  Now I’m afraid to use them! Lol

What I will do is look for sales and coupon codes.  I don’t want decorating my binder to break my bank!!  I have four orders waiting to be shipped from Etsy.  Mr C. Gave me money for Valentine’s Day and I wanted planner stickers!! 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Stock pile

Organization is not me!!  I have a craft room/junk room that I am going to clean up! Not a easy fix at all.  I am NOT going to show the room all at once.  It’s a complete mess!  I haven’t crafted the last several years due to work schedule.  Then we moved my craft items to the spare bedroom. I haven’t had a chance to put up or go thru boxes.  This is a major project and I couldn’t or wouldn’t find time to work on it.

Last weekend I went in the room and worked on my stock pile area.  Needed to see what items I need to focus on restocking.  I normally give items to several family members.  For instance my bonus daughter Alisha is attending college.   I try to send items about every couple of months.  Then my son Aaron and his wife Michelle go thru it as well.  I have made totes of items for my sons for Christmas.    Having the stock pile has been a huge help!

Disorganized for sure! 
This room needs help in a huge way!  Have you heard about the 15 minute clean up philosophy? That’s what I am going to focus on.  Just a tiny chunk of time and hopefully I will have a his room where it needs to be.  Sometimes I find myself overwhelmed and not sure where to start cleaning.  Making things easier for me I started with this area.  Literally took less than 20 minutes to put everything in its place and take note of items I need to replenish. 

I need to get busy using coupons again! Am down to three sets  of shampoo and conditioner. My men items are all gone as well.  I try to have items on hand for all five of the men. Mr.C, Brody, Blake, Aaron and Trevor.  Looks like I’m low on laundry soap and fabric softener as well.  See the empty area next to pink bag? That’s where the men’s items stay.  Very empty!!

The end goal is to be able to use my sewing machine and cricut.  Plus need a place for my pen pal items and journaling projects.  I have so many craft items tucked in boxes.   I tend to buy more than I need when starting a new project.  Then when I get bored or finish said project I move on to something else.  How many of you folks do the same thing?  Hopefully I’m not the only one who buys way more crafts than what is needed! 

Thanks for taking time to read my blog! Have a warm and blessed day! 
Karen J

Friday, January 12, 2018

SW OK Planner Society

Planner 2018
I am so excited to have found a local planner group on Facebook!!  

This will be a great learning experience for me.  I do not have a clue how these ladies 
make their planners so awesome.  I guess they will be working on their February layouts. Where I already have my pages filled for the next several months.  Especially with February being our busiest time at the flower shop.
              The group is called SW OK Planner Society.  I hope the ladies are nice and willing to share their tips and techniques with me being a outsider.  I am so new to this and know next to nothing about all this decorating and such.  If I see they have a better planner I am willing to go buy it.  I will say that I am not loving this Heidi Swapp planner because I feel like it is to bulky for me.  Personally I like a 8 x 10 planner.  So maybe they will help me figure out the right planner.
                I also hope they share some of their favorite planner shops with me.  Lately I have had great success with finding cool shops on Etsy.  I do have a few favorite shops I like to buy from for my planning supplies.  I use NashaPrintwork, thestickershopco and SoCutePlanner.
                In all reality I am super excited to be joining a group of ladies who loves planning as much as I do. Hopefully I will meet some new friends with the same interest.

This is how it looks blank.  This weekend  will take a few photo's of my decorated pages.  

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

 Hello 2018!!!! 

I am ready for a clean slate.  This year is going to be wonderful!  Just in case your wondering what will make this a special year, I’m going to give a few examples.  The first one being I’m excited about Blake and Jessica’s upcoming wedding.  Second reason is Aaron and Michelle will be celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary.  Third reason is my September cruise is nearly paid off!! I then will start saving spending money.  Then of course this year I hope to spend more time with the kids and kiddo’s. 

Goals for 2018
I need my passport (still!)
Write more pen pal letters
Make a blackberry cobbler
Organize my new craft room.  
Drink more water

With me cruising each year I just believe I need to invest in myself.  Yes I have said this for many years.  I really hate filling out the paperwork more than anything.  Guess I will go get my application and finally get it done.  

With working so much I haven’t been writing many letters.  I miss my friends and I need to just make time  for my pen pals.  

Blackberry cobbler~ have had this on my list since 2012.. I really believe it’s time to make it!! I haven’t had blackberry cobbler in many years.  My grandma Pearl use to make them when I was younger.  

We moved all of my craft items into Trevor’s old room.  Me. C basically put things in boxes and piled them up.  So I need to spend a day or two unboxing and organizing my stuff. I need my sewing machine and cricut expression out on a table.  I want to make each grandchild a lap size quilt.  Either for birthday or Christmas. 

This year I’m trying to drink more water.  I do not like water especially plain water. Give me a coke from Sonic and I’m happy.  

These are my goals.  Mostly simple ones but nevertheless ones I want to achieve in 2018.  I didn’t make any resolutions this year.  Only because I know that resolutions that I tend to make go out the window fairly fast.  

Hope you had a great New Year!  Here’s to new beginnings my friends.