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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Aaron's 21st Birthday!

My middle son is growing up so fast! He is already 21 years old.  Makes this moma feel very old right about now.  We will go out to eat and enjoy being with the family.  Am so proud of the man he is becoming.  He is growing up and maturing. 

He was so cute when he was a baby! Aaron hated to get his picture taken so for him to be smiling is a small miracle for sure.


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Making up my mind...grape salad or pinwheels?

So for  two weeks I have been wondering what I was going to take to our Mission Rally for church.  I had lots of ideals but none seemed like great ideals.  Everyone was suppose to stay with finger foods or so I thought.  Just because it's so darn hot (100 degrees).  I was going back and forth between grape salad or pinwheels.  Last night at church I seen the sign up sheet and then I was confused because lots of food on it that isn't what I considered to be finger foods.   Then this morning I looked for easy grape recipes and that's when I said to myself yep grape salad it will be.  There are several recipes for this but went with the one that had cool whip in it.  I love cool whip!
Eeveryone at church loved it! Win Win for me.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Logan 4th of July

Logan is sure growing up fast. I love how cute this photo turned out.

I love July 4 th!  I normally go to parade and down to the park to see art and crafts and the different vendors.  It's always a lot of fun.  My step mom only lives a few blocks from the park. So we always go up there to visit with everyone who stops by to say hello.  Great times.

Our small hometown really goes all out for July 4th.  So many people plan their school and family reunions around Marlow!s July celebration.  Going down to the park is fun with lots of visiting.