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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Progreso Mexico!

Nancy and I on way to Uxmal Ruins. Super excited about hearing and seeing the history.

Me with part of the ruins in background.

Part of the ruins
Loved looking at this ruin!

Great place for pineapple drink and guacamole! Plus it was air conditioned! 

Am a little hot as it was 106 degrees today!

Hacienda Del Henequen

Enjoyed this stop very much.  We got to try their food and two different drinks.  One drink was rice milk and it was really good.  Wasn't much of a fan of the food but at least I gave it a try.  It just seemed kinda heavy to me. 
I would tell anyone that was interested in history of ruins to take this tour.  The bus ride was long about 1 hour and 45 minutes one way.  Did buy quite a few souviners such as key chains, postcards, and a couple of knic nacs  and a cross. 
Yes I would go back to Progreso but do believe I will do another excursion.  Just so I could see more history.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Cozumel Mexico

Cozumel Mexico
In Cozumel Nancy and I did the Dolphin encounter.  It was quite different to kiss a Dolphin. I will admit that I hadn't given a thought to kissing a Dolphin till we booked this excursion. My Dolphin wanted to French kiss me OH MY!  Nancy had a blast as this was always a dream of hers. 
Would I do this excursion again?  If I had Logan with me yes for sure we would do this. But I do not see Blake and Jessica going on a cruise ever. 
I so wish that I had done the Underwater Oxygen Bar.  It looks like a experience to me!
Would you like to do something like this as a excursion?  The cost is only $38.00.. I so should have done this one! You bet I will do this on my next cruise.

                                                                       Fish Pedicure!
Yes Please!  I didn't get this done on my cruise but for sure will do this on next cruise!  What are your thoughts about doing a fish pedicure? 

                                                                    As crazy as it seems I am planning another cruise.  Am leaning toward October 2016.  Only because the cruise is much cheaper than during peak months.  Am thinking we will do same cruise but I will do different excursions.  Just haven't made up my mind which ones.  Although I know I will be doing these two cool things for sure! 


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Cruise Trip


Chocolate melt away! 
This drink was too die for and I can't wait to be back on The Triumph to get another one.

Dr Seuss breakfast.  It was very enjoyable and had fun watching the kiddos with the characters.
I can't believe I am finally on the ship!! I was very emotional as I had always wanted to take a cruise.
Finally a long life dream comes true and it was almost overwhelming!
Isn't this a awesome sight? The water is so beautiful and such a vivid blue.  Sure could tell when we got away from Galveston Texas!
I am already planning on another cruise with my Aunt Kathy.  I spent a lot of money on this cruise but found out you really don't have to spend lots to enjoy it.  I plan on buying some gift cards from Lowes that is for Carnival ships and saving them till my cruise.  That way I can put them on my ship and sale card.  Easy way to save money toward the trip.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Alisha Watermelon Queen

Am so proud of Alisha. She is running for Watermelon Queen. This a huge deal in our small community.  Can't believe she is a senior this year.  Time has flown by so fast for all of us. Am trying to help sell some tickets. Have figured out my salesman duties aren't going very well.  
Alisha painted the side of this building for advertising. She did a great job. 
Sure hope people show up and vote for Alisha May 1st. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Alisha's 18th Birthday!

Wow time has a way of getting away from us! Today Alisha turns 18 years old!  She sure has grown into a wonderful woman.  She makes us very proud.  We had cake and ice-cream for her to celebrate it.  She had a big party that we paid for with her friends and mom a few days earlier. 

This is the beautiful cake that Heather New made for the special occasion.  It was very good!
Happy birthday Alisha!!