Saturday, March 16, 2019

Aunt Ginger

Aunt Ginger, Casey and Lynn

Aunt Ginger Wendy and Brian

Barney, my mom and Aunt Ginger.

Aunt Ginger and Uncle David

With a heavy heart my Aunt Ginger passed today.  She has been in bad health for awhile.  Aunt Kathy and I was planning a trip to see her in May.  Aunt Ginger was full of life.  She loved to joke around and have fun.  Every single trip to visit with her she always shares great memories with me.  
Aunt Ginger was always offering us Little Debbie's snack foods.   In fact when she passed she had so many boxes of assorted snacks that it was almost comical.  
I know she is no longer in pain.  Fly high sweet angel your going to be missed greatly!!! 

Dinner with Aaron's family

Aaron, Clifford, Angel and me

Angel Michelle and baby Clifford

Baby boy Clifford

Angel being a big girl!

A perfect evening with Aaron and his family!  We met at Applebee's in Duncan Okla around 4pm. Was very nice to spend time with his family.  I need to be more involved with my boys and their families.  
Wesley was sick so he stayed with his great grandparents.  Hope that next time we can get all the family to go eat with us.  Truth be known I wouldn't mind taking them to McDonald's or Braums 
so the little kids can play on the playground.  I'm not sure if Aaron and Michelle take the time to let them run and play at either fast food place. so that would be a treat for the kiddo's.  Maybe I should take Angel and Wesley for a afternoon to give the parents a break. 

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Visiting Grandchildren

Baby Grigsby

Ms. A and Mr W.

Ms. A

Mr. W 

It was time to go see the grandchildren.  They are so cute and lovable.  I am very fortunate to have these kiddo's in my life.  They have so much energy that a visit with them wears me out. Just kidding.  
I am trying to spend more time with my family.  It is so hard to take time out of my already busy schedule.  But I don't want them not knowing me or thinking I don't care about them.  So every week I am going to try to see all three sons and their family's.  That is my personal goal for this year.