Sunday, October 29, 2017

Fantasy Cruise 2017

Am at Mobile Port!!  

Aunt Kathy

My good friend Turtle Taylor 

We are so excited to be at Mobile Port!  We are doing a 5 day cruise to Costa Maya and Cozumel Mexico.  

I have waited all year for my cruise!  Am ready to get on the ship and be pampered.  Many thanks to Luther this gift of a cruise.  He paid for everything!!  I just wished he would have came with me.  

We got our Halloween Cruise for $345.00 each.  I had put on my ship and sail account $400.00.  I also took right about $700.00 in cash.  Not counting what I had on my credit card.  I am not planning on using my credit card except for gas and hotel rooms.  

Here is my ride!! 

As soon as we get on the ship we take our carry on bags up to the room.  Then head to Lido deck to grab some yummy food.   Normally I grab a Guy's burger but this looked delish! 

The hub for the ship

Piano Bar

One of the night club's

Lego ship

How cool is this!! 

Hello Lido Deck!

Sightseeing is next!  Getting to know my ship away from home.  
The fantasy is one of the oldest ship in the Carnival fleet.  Did I like it?  It was alright not my favorite.  The food seemed better on this ship, and the crew members seemed very friendly.  Could you tell this was a older ship absolutely.   Really didn't make much difference to me at all.  I was just glad to be on the ship.
With us having three in the room we are glad to see that we had actual beds.  Was so afraid that one of us was going to be in the upper bunk.  That was making me a little anxious because I am not a skinny girl and didn't want to be in a tight spot.
Next year I will be on the Valor Ship!!  

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Halloween cruise 2017

So have my suitcase and tote out ready to pack.   Am super excited about going out of Mobile Alabama port this time.  Just because it will be a new experience for me.  
I have my jewelry together in my cute anchor jewelry organizer.   So don't have to worry about that at last minute.   Most of my toiletries are packed. Will double check everything.  
This trip I'm trying to take my new clothes OR ones I haven't taken on a cruise before.  This way I can have pictures in different clothes.  Makes it easier to sort pictures down the road.  If I was more organized I would have them in photo books with dates.  That would take guess work out of it. 

Am leaving October 27th for my vacation.  Will return November 6th.  Going to Cozumel and Costa Maya.   Making pit stops at Galveston Texas, Biloxi Mississippi, Mobile Alabama and going to Pensacola Florida.  

Most excited about the cruise.  Love to be pampered on the five day cruise.  I really enjoy the entire experience while being on the cruise ship.  This year we will be on Carnival Fantasy ship.  It's a older ship but has the 2.0 upgrades.  Several different restaurants to eat at that you can pay extra money.  I am leaning toward the steakhouse the first night.  That experience is well worth the $35.00.  

I hope to find time to write about each day while gone on vacation.  Last year I only wrote 2 days of entries.  Wished I had incorporated it into a activity such as rising early and watching the sun rise on the lido deck.  I'd have a hot drink in hand enjoying the peaceful mornings before everyone got up and around.