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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday!

It is misting outside and it is a little cool in the house. I have been on swap bot since 7 am this morning. I needed to catch up on group stuff and check in with some groups. I also posted several RAK's. Which I haven't done in a long time. I also made a Mother's Day Card swap for my group Crazy for Color. Not sure if anyone will join but it is there if they want to. I have several packages going out tomorrow. I finally got done with a private question journal and let me tell you I think it was the hardest one ever for me to do. I doubt I will ever do another one of them!! I also joined the April stash swap. I filled a big envie up with good stuff. At least to me it was all good. Just stuff I wasn't going to use ever. I do hope my partner will enjoy getting it.

Yesterday I took Aaron and Trevor to Oklahoma City. They wanted to go to Bass Pro Shop. We had a good time. But I couldn't get Aaron to buy much. He ended up with a knife and some fishing stuff. Not nearly what I had planned on spending on him. As I had taken Trevor last week and spent nearly $100.00 on him alone. He wanted a new fishing pool and fishing gear. Then yesterday I ended up spending more money on Trevor. He knows how to work his moma that is for sure.
We had a great time over all.

Today I am going to Clinton to spend the evening with Mr. C. He wanted me to come yesterday and I didn't. So I may stay till Tuesday morning. It really is relaxing up there with him.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Weekend!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Busy Tuesday

I had a hair appointment @ 10am. Got done at noon. My hair is now a pretty blonde. Went back to my hairdresser Debbie. She did exactly what I wanted done, unlike the other hairdresser who never seemed to do what I asked her to do. So lesson learned don't try to find a new hairdresser if the one you have is working.

Then went and picked up Aaron and took him to the doctor. He has a bad sinus infection. So he is out of school today and tomorrow. Dr. Gave him 3 presciptions.

Luther hasn't felt good today either. But I couldn't help much as I have been gone from 9:30 am till3:30 pm. Now I am home with my feet up!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Night at home

My boys and I went to my favorite secondhand bookstore today. I cleaned out my bookcases in my craftroom and got rid of lots of books. I had ran out of room and wanted new books to read. I also worked on that messy room for about a hour. It really looks alot better that is for sure! Then they wanted to go to Wal~Mart. Poor ole Trevor can hardly walk and everyone seemed to be looking at him. That part I don't like very well!! Trevor is real good at putting things in the basket when I am not looking. Where as Aaron picked up one item which was a 4~wheeler movie. It doesn't take alot to keep Aaron happy. When we got back into town they wanted to spend time with Coby ( my nephew) so I dropped them off for a couple of hours. When I went back to get them my niece Kaylee wanted to stay the night with me. She was like Aunt Karen I have missed you can I please stay all night. I am like sure. My boys wanted to go out to papa Kendall's for the night. So it is just Kaylee and me and we are working on journals and watching Grease. What a super girls night in we are having that is for sure! Maybe I can talk her into doing pedicures later on tonight!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Trevor Surgery

Took my little guy to the bone and Joint dr because his foot was hurting and it had a huge hard knot on it below his inside ankle. Well guess what?? He was born with a extra bone in his foot and it is bothering him greatly. Which is very rare! So now we are waiting on Oklahoma Children's Hospital to call and get him worked in. I am scared to death for him. Trevor finds it amusing to say the least. His only request is he doesn't want a lot of people there...mmm okay so who does he want to tell that they can't come up? We have a large extended family and very caring so who can come will. That is just how our family rolls.... I have been buying alot on Etsy. I had NO ideal they have some cute journal supplys or scrapbook supplies that I could use in my journals that I do for swap~bot. I have 3 journals I have to send out by Monday which I am already late on. Am so sorry I haven't been staying up to date with this blog. will try to do better this month!