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Monday, February 24, 2014

Cleaning Mood

Most everyone knows that I normally clean house REAL good the Thursday that Mr. C comes home. Saturday morning I got up and worked on a swap bot journal for a hour or so. Then I got up got cleaning supplies ready and got busy. I started in laundry room because it stays fairly decent. My kitchen needed refrigerator cleaned and wiped out, so got that done. Then moved the chest freezer and cleaned under it. Then scrubbed the kitchen and dining room floors. In bathroom I decluttered my makeup. Let me tell you I filled a Wal-Mart sack with makeup and still have tons more left to use. Am thinking that means I have way to much of the stuff or else I could be a shop a holic!!! I worked steady for about 4 hours on house. It sure looked and smelled so much better. By the way I will still clean house Wednesday night before Mr. C. gets home Thursday morning. Mr. C. is doing rotating shifts at his job. We do not like this at all! For one thing we are use to him getting home Thursday night around 9 pm. Which gives me time to clean on house and make a good meal for him. Also he calls me every night around 8:30 pm. When he works nights he gets home Thursday at 9 am. He hardly ever calls because he is doesn't want to bother me. He says that he isn't sure what I am doing during the day. I tell him I'm never too busy for a phone call from him. We all know life is full of changes and we must adapt. Which for some is easier than others. The way I see this is about the time I get use to his rotating shifts then something will go into play. Now at some point I so need to clean our bedroom and dejunk it. I really need to get rid of lots of clothes and such. I am almost ready to rearrange bedroom. Which means getting Aaron to help me with the heavy furniture. Well guess I will close for now. Take care!!