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Friday, May 17, 2013

Looking forward to the weekend!

                      Can't wait for the weekend!

Tonight am going to Aaron's girlfriend's graduation at Central High.  That should be fun or at least interesting.  I normally don't like doing these type of things but felt like this is important to both Aaron and her. 

Saturday I want to visit with some of the older family members on my mom's side.  Wouldn't she be proud of me for going and making a appearance?  When she was alive she almost had to hog tie me and make me do family functions.  Now I am doing it all on my own.  Have a cousin coming in from Kentucky I want to visit with for a moment.  I never realized how important keeping family ties was until both of my parents passed away.  If it wasn't for my Aunt Kathy I wouldn't know any thing about family get togethers. So thankful that she keeps me updated.

Sunday I am going to Oklahoma City and spending time with my brother Stacy and his daughter Kaylee! Am super excited about spending time with them. 

I also want to rearrange living room and clean it from top to bottom.  Not sure I will have time or the energy for housework.  So like my son Aaron says "If it happens it happens!"  He says that is his new quote for his Senior Year.  Sounds pretty good to me!!!

Have a safe and happy weekend!!