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Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday is here!!

I came to work at the flower shop today. We were slow at first then we got busy and now we are back to being slow. I actually worked on three swaps while at work:) I am doing a private journal swap she before she sit it up she asked me if I had time to devote to the journal. I was like Oh Yes I have plenty of time. I find that when I do private journals I tend to make the journal alot better. Don't ask me just seems like it is more personal.

Not sure what I am doing tonight. I may go home and just watch Brody (bonus son) lay on the couch and watch his TV programs. I feel like he needs his own TV in his room or we need a TV in our room. Especially the week Luther is gone. I do not like the same programs as Brody.

Trevor has a wrestling match at Edmund Oklahoma tomorrow. Not sure I am going or not. If I am bored I will take off for Edmund. It is almost a two hour trip. It sure would make my little guy VERY happy!! Tevor loves sports and is really good at whatever he does. I really need to be his biggest supporter when he does them.

Well guess I am going to make this short and sweet...