Sunday, November 18, 2012

Great weekend

Yesterday I made a paint chip calender using purples. It turned out super cute. I am loving pinterest! Sent a photo to my brother and he wants one as well. I have enough paint chips that all I need is a frame.
Then later on Aaron (my middle son) and I made Chocolate Rum Balls. He thought it was a cool thing to do. It was my first time to make these and wow they were easy peasy to make!  I plan on making two more batches tomorrow night.  Want to take a batch to my brother Stacy's Thanksgiving dinner Thursday.
Today I made two pumpkin rolls. Aaron and I each ate a piece to make sure it turned out. It was very good. Will make a couple more of them as well. It will impress Stacy that I made it.  The story behind the pumkin roll is for about 10 years I would buy pumpkin rolls from a lady, and my entire family thought I made them. I just choose not to set them straight. When we sold the convience stores I stopped getting the pumkin rolls. Only because I lost my baker's phone number. Heck I had no ideal how fast and easy they were to make or I would have been making them myself instead of paying $10.00 apiece for them.
This morning I got up early 5:40 am. I started cleaning house. Here it is 9:00 pm and you can't tell I did anything. Here is the deal it has only been me and Brody at home most of the day. Alisha left at 9:20 this morning, and Aaron has been in and out. So why did I mess the house up after working so hard on it? Because I was trying to get friendship books and bags ready to be mailed.

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  1. Hey Karen!
    I'd love to see a picture of this calendar...
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!