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Friday, November 18, 2011


Took Aaron to OU Children's hospital Wednesday.  We were there all day 1 pm till after 6 pm.  They did different test on Aaron and it is the infected enlarged lympe nodes near his appendix making the poor guy sick.  They did tell us he would be sick for at least another month till the infection worked its way out of the body.  So looks like to me that Aaron will be throwing up and such for awhile.  But at least we know for sure what we are dealing with and how it is going to affect him.  We have been dealing with Aaron hurting and sick for 2 long weeks and many trips to Dr and several to emergency rooms.

This weekend my mom's side of the family is getting together for our Thanksgiving celebration.  I have to work today and figure out a few desserts I can make that is "WOW" factor.  Wish me luck on that one.  I am thinking about using a recipe that is close to what my grandma use to make all the time.  She always called it the "Better than Sex" cake.  Which always shocked me when she said the word sex because my Grandma didn't talk about S. E. X. ever and here we are eating a cake that has THAT word in it.  I love good memories and that is the top of the list memory for me.  My neice Kaylee is coming over to spend the night with me and to help me with desserts.  We will have alot of fun cooking.  I also want to make a different side dish that we normally have at our get togethers.  When mom and grandma were alive they did most of the cooking.  Which didn't leave alot for anyone to bring.  My Aunt Connie always brought pies and if for some reason you brought one it hurt her feelings.  So this year my cousins Brenda and Belinda seem to be doing most of the cooking and is letting me bring desserts.  Aunt Connie and her children and familys have decieded not to come to this celebration.  It has a lot to do with grandma and mom passing.  I hate that our family will probably never be totally together ever again.  This hurts so many of us and there isn't anything I can do to make it better.  Why? because I am sitting on the fence and can see both sides and why they feel the way they do, and I am not going to take sides because I do not want to lose any communication with any of my family. 

I am almost done with my Christmas Wreath.  The hardest part is getting the ends wrapped around tightly.  I need someone to help me get this done.  I love how it turned out and am proud that I even attempted it.  It is super easy to do except for that last part of getting it closed off. 

My cell phone usually takes better photos but my lightening in my dining room is horrible!  I thought it turned out alot better that I thought possible. 

I used a wire hanger (it needed to be thinner that it was) and bought ornaments from Wal~Mart and the Dollar Tree to put on it.  How super easy is that I ask.  I have to give credit to all the bloggers I have seen that has this on their site as well.  I would have never thought of this on my own!

                                             Swap Bot
I have sent off several swaps as of yesterday and it was $25.00 worth.  Wow that is crazy but that is my hobby and I do enjoy doing it.  Most of it was Christmas Cards and I had one box and 1 flat rate mailer.  I finally got my October Journal in the mail and the 30 day of surprises. 

I put up 3 swaps in our group " Girls Night In 2" and I was very happy with how many actually signed up to join them.  I am always happy if just 1 more joins but was excited to see that I have a total of about 10 ladies participating.

Well I have got to get ready to take Mr. Trevor to school and he doesn't want to get up as usual.  He is so much like me that it's scary. 

Everyone have a blesed weekend!!   Karen