Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Heart Scan

At the fair my brother signed him snd I up for a advanced heart scan. He wants it because both of our parents died from heart issues. So we drove to Oklahoma City to take test. Didn't realize it was like a time share thing where they try to upsell you on a total body scanfor wsy more money...as in $6900.00 over a course of several years. We said no thanks. After 45 minute presentation we finally got the heart scan. Should know results in 7 days. Yes I am scared of knowing but hopefully it will help me be motivated to get in better health.


  1. never heard of a heart scan. I too have heart disease issues in my family and have concerns for myself. no matter what the results, you owe it to your kids, your husband, yourself (and just about everyone else in your life) to do anything you can to keep yourself healthy. Whatever it takes to find the motivation - do it! And I hope you post the results!

  2. Thanks Denine! I didn't want to do it but Stacy dragged me to it. I so need to get healthy. Learning to eat right is a start even if I don't always do it..more times NOT. Of course I will post the results once I get them. They say this machine is a muti million dollar one. That it is top notch and it detects so much before one has any symptoms.