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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Beautiful Day!

Today is going to be perfect! Why? Because I woke up in a great mood and am ready to tackle some much needed chores around the house.  I finally got Trevor's room completed! Yea for me as it was a all day chore.  My next round is either my craft/sun room or the shop.  In the shop I have a zillion tubs of crafts and books that I need to sort thru and get rid of half of the clutter.  This would please Mr. C VERY much! I am going to put that I have lots of craft items on my facebook page and see if anyone wants them.  If not then I will take to goodwill.  I have lots of great items but way too many of them.

Mr. C is still not feeling well.  Today his chest is back to hurting. I could tell that he didn't feel great yesterday.  But I didn't censor him by telling him NOT to mow the yard or working on my list of honey do chores. I hope while I am at the flower shop this morning he is resting. 

Guess what? We have cooked every night since Thursday!  I may not have mentioned this but we tend to eat out every meal.  Tonight we are having homemade burritos and nachos.  I believe Mr. C is doing the cooking since I cooked last night.

My computer is still down.  I plan on going back and uploading photo's once I get the computer up and going.  So please be patient with me until that happens.  What would it take? Well me making a phone call to Hughes Net and getting someone out to our house.  With us living in the rural part of Oklahoma that can take forever. 

Everyone have a great week. Karen