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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Day dreaming

Am daydreaming about the next time I will be on water.  I feel more at peace when I am this close to water. 
Today I can feel that I am not in a good place mentally but almost don't want to work on my attitude.  I know I can focus and get back on track but sometimes I feel like what does it matter. 
For instance:
I sit in the same spot every day when I am home.  This morning someone else was in my spot.. It just went all over me.  For one thing I am hardly ever at home due to working.  So don't sit in my spot till I leave for work.  If you feel the need to sit there by all means but do it after I have left for work.  I think as the sole bread winner right now I should be able to sit in my area.  Then my logic kicks in and says REALLY??  your upset about your parking place for your big ole butt when there are many other places to sit? And I am like YES! I want to sit in my spot.  Uugh I hate feeling like this but yet oh well.  I will get over it OR I will choose to do something different.  Right now I am needing to make major changes but am way too scared to get the momentum started. 
I hope to shake this feeling off here in a little bit.  Makes me cranky and I don't like that feeling.
Hope everyone is having a better day than me.  I will keep focusing on wishing I was on the water right about now!