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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I got my first #jollyvox box and let me tell you it was awesome! My goodness it was filled with zebra mini duck tape. rimmel lip lacquer in a soft pink, NYC trio eyeshadow in pretty browns(my favorite colors for eyeshadow), Skinny Cow candy,and do not forget puffs with lotion. First thing I did was try on the lip lacquer. I liked the pretty color of the Rimmel lip lacquer. I was afraid it would have a taste but was pleasently surprised when it didn't. I do plan on purchasing this product! The next product I had to give a whirl was the NYC trio eyeshadow in browns. I liked how it felt going on and that it was my colors I always use. I tend to rub my eyes alot so wasn't sure how it would last on me. Guess what it is still on my eyes and that is a plus! Will I purchase that in future? You bet for one thing the price is so good. The zebra duckings tape is so cute. I make alot of mail art and this will look so cute on my envelopes! I also plan on checki g out some crafts and get them made using this tape. We go thru a lot of regular duck tape at my house. Am going to pick up some more of these tapes for use at the house. I like to take cheap ink pens and wrap them in the colored duck tape. I received these products freefrom Influensterbut am not compensated in any way for my review of the the products. The thoughts are mine alone.