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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saving Money!!

I went shopping with my coupons and this is what I bought.  It would have been 100.00 but I paid $25.00 for it all!  I also got back $16.00 in register rewards!  I am so loving Walgreen's.  I did multiple transactions so I could roll the register rewards to get the most out of my money.  I know I probably could have done better but had Aaron and Alexis with me.  From now on for the bigger hauls I think I will go by myself.  I don't think very clearly when I am distracted. 
I am using the 3 mouthwashes, 3 toothpaste and 3 toothbrushes in my baskets for my boys.  I have other items I will be putting in the baskets as well.