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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Family Reunion

Today Aaron and I went to Ardmore Oklahoma for The Grigsby Annual Family Reunion. We get there just in time to eat lunch with everyone. Grandma Diane didn't make it in and that was disappointing to me and Aaron. My brother in law Eddie showed up with his children Aiden and Mallory right after we got there. I guess I should say Ex brother in law since my husband Mark passed away. Mr. C. doesn't really like me to attend Grigsby functions but that is part of my son's heritage. I want them to know these relatives and embrace them as family should. I tend to visit with the ones I know. I keep saying next year I will go around and talk. Then I get to Aunt Mary's and go into a shy person. I have got to get over that and be the confident person I can be. When Mark was alive we just didn't visit or be around these family members very much. So now I have to do this on my own for my sons. If you noticed Blake and Trevor didn't attend. Blake had to work as he normally has to on this weekend. Trevor was with his cousin Alison having a good time at a event at Redbud Park here in Marlow Oklahoma. Missed both of my boys very much. Many thanks to Aaron going with me!