Monday, October 17, 2011

Wonderful Monday

I don't normally work on Monday's but today I am here at the flower shop.  I need to run down to Marlow floral and get some fall flowers to make my arrangment for my dining room. I want it to match my table centerpiece.  I thought that we would be busy today with the passing of a long timer here in Marlow, Okla.  So far this morning not one call, which is not normal. 

Am going to look for some fall recipes and try them out.  Then I will post here the ones I like.  Sounds like a great fall project to give a whirl.  Plus feeding the family on new recipes will be fun.

Am going to try a experiment starting Friday.  No TV and no facebbok!  I can't give up swap~bot but I am not on that site 24/7.  What do I want to accomplish by doing this? I want to start a christmas quilt with all the Christmas fabric I have on hand.  Hopefully I will have it done in a week.  It is going to be a simple quilt but hopefully cute.  Then I have Christmas fabric to make oven mitts and such.  I haven't used my sewing maachine in a year so its time to dust it off and get busy!

Well I am going to go and help a few customers in the store!  Have a blessed day!!

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  1. Hope your experiment goes well, I don't watch very much tv. We have cable but I unplugged the television from it so I can only watch netflix in my room.
    I have never been addicted to facebook, but that is b/c I never know what to say to anyone :)