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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Making up my mind...grape salad or pinwheels?

So for  two weeks I have been wondering what I was going to take to our Mission Rally for church.  I had lots of ideals but none seemed like great ideals.  Everyone was suppose to stay with finger foods or so I thought.  Just because it's so darn hot (100 degrees).  I was going back and forth between grape salad or pinwheels.  Last night at church I seen the sign up sheet and then I was confused because lots of food on it that isn't what I considered to be finger foods.   Then this morning I looked for easy grape recipes and that's when I said to myself yep grape salad it will be.  There are several recipes for this but went with the one that had cool whip in it.  I love cool whip!
Eeveryone at church loved it! Win Win for me.