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Friday, June 1, 2012

I am a winner!

I entered in a simple contest over at Vanessas 52 weeks of mail blog and won a small deer notebook and 6 handmade notecards! How awesome is  that? I love her blog and have been reading it awhile, its about the fun mail she receives and sends.  She sends out a lot of cool pen pal envelopes and such.

Again I will say that I admire bloggers who keep to one special topic.  I am all over the place depending on what I feel like writing about for the day.  I did send out a batch of colorful mail today and even took a photo of it at the post office.  Can't upload STILL because of computer being down..I really just need to make the call and get it taken care of now!

I may go watch my friend Cherrie barrel race tonight over at Ardmore Oklahoma.  I think that would be fun and something that I normally would never do.  No plans for tomorrow and Sunday and Monday I will go to Elk City to see Mr. C! 
These are images I got off of photobucket...

Well I think I will close here.  I must get busy making a special candy bouquet!!