Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Getting ready for school tomorrow!!

I am so excited the boys start school tomorrow! Our rural school seems to be starting later than all the schools around here. Took Aaron back to Dr. Giles yesterday and his finger is looking so much better. I also got Aaron enrolled in school. Couldn't get Trevor enrolled because he hasn't taken the 7th grade shot they requires. So I will be leaving work early today and getting the shot for him. He is not going to miss the 1st day that is for sure.

Yesterday was a great swap bot day for me. I had 3 awesome packages in the mail and a pen pal letter, also a box of goodies I ordered from Kawaii Ya. Now the rest of the week my mailbox will be empty.

Have been thinking about getting my sewing machine out and working on a small lap size quilt. I so need to be doing something creative instead of being on the computer playing frontierville all the time.

This past Friday and Saturday night I visited with my friends Leona and Michael Ann. Michael Ann came in from Kentucky and I haven't seen her in 3 years or so. It was wonderful to reconnect with them together. I visit with Leona some as she only lives about a mile from me. Actually I should be visiting her more but just can't seem to get into town as much as I like.

I hope everyone has stayed cool in the extreme heat we have been having. Thank goodness we have been in the low 100 degrees the last few days!

Till next time:)

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