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Monday, June 25, 2012

Magnetic Make~up board

Do you ever see crafts on Pinterest and think I can do this? Well this is one of them crafts that I saw recently and went for it.  It turned out wonderful! I painted my frame a brown and used brown and aqua fabric.  I hung it up in our bathroom.   I so want to make some of these for gifts for my nieces. They will make excellent Christmas gifts.  Mr. C. even helped me with the project.  This is a project that YOU can do!! So what are you waiting for get a used or old picture frame, get to a hardware store have them cut you a piece of sheet metal the size you need, get some heavy magnets,  hot glue glun, fabric of your choice, spray paint of your choice.  I sprayed my frame 2 days before I started on project wanted it nice and dry.  Went to our local hardware store and had Greg cute me a piece to fit in my frame, got it for $2.00. went to walmart to get brown spray paint, and my fabric.  I already had hot glue gun and heavy duty magnets at the house.  If I hadn't wanted to match the bathroom I could have used some fabric I had on hand. I spent about $12.00 total on this project.  I still have almost a full can of brown spray paint and lots of fabric left. I had bought a yard of material and only used a 16 X 24 piece of fabric. I had found my frame at the flower shop in the back and asked Tammie if I could have it and of course she said yes.  I will go hunting at goodwill for some cheap frames soon!  This didn't take a long time to do at all. Am thinking I have less than 2 hours invested in this project.
Do you have a easy craft you want to share with me? I would love for you to share them with me?