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Sunday, July 16, 2017


July Journal 2017

I enjoy working in journals for trade.  This journal is a quick one only a month long.  Some of the requirements was to fill a composition book with stories, recipes, entries and anything you want to share.  I tried to make mine interesting.
Page about Galveston Texas

Recipe page

EL Paso Texas Trip
Galveston Texas

I am trying to be more creative with my journals.  I hope my Swap Bot partner will appreciate the time I put into the journal. 
I have found that using the free travel brochures makes the page pop and more interesting.  Sometimes being  creative doesn't take a lot of extra money.  Putting in tip in's is something fairly new that I am enjoying doing to the journals. 
I do get lots of inspiration from YouTube and Pinterest. I do spend hours on both of them sites.  
Next agenda is I want to play around and learn how to do different fonts.  I hardly ever change up the fonts I use.  I am amazed at how others use so many fonts.  
Do you have any cool journal tips for me?  Would love to hear them if you do.