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Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday blues

I so did not want to go to work today, the temptation to stay home was very large! I finally got around and got to work about 5 minutes late. I hate being late but that seems to be my normal routine lately. At least I do call when I know I am running late.

I got off work at 3pm and went over to Blakes to visit with him for a little bit. Then headed home where I washed dishes and a couple of loads of laundry. My normal daily chores. Brody left the house as I walked in.

Now I am waiting on my brother Stacy to show up. I am going to ride to Marlow with him to our other brother's house. Thomas & Dana have a bed Stacy is going to take home.

Have you seen downsized on tv? I have been watching this and I really like it so far. This is one show I dvr and watch when I have time.

I am cold and can't seem to get warm. I do not like cold weather at all.

Time for me to close here...I need to work on my journal for November tonight at some point.