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Friday, August 17, 2012

Surgery Day on Mr C.

Mr. C had gallbladder surgery about 12:30 pm.  When Dr O. came out to let me know how he was he told me that he also did a hernia repair on his belly button.  Oh No! That won't sit well with Mr C. as he likes to know things before they happen.  At 4 pm we are leaing hospital for home.  We get to Marlow Medicine and would you believe the pain prescription is dated for tomorrow.  So he will have to suffer thru the night unless I can find something at home that might help.  Am pretty sure that Advil is not going to touch his pain.

While he was in surgery I read a book on my Tablet and worked on a pen pal letter.  Reading is easier while waiting than projects I am working on for swaps or whatever.

Am still loving friendship books and label bags.  But guess what I have discovered slams!!  Yes they are now going to be a habit as well!!  I actually made 3 to put in my fb swaps!  Mine was titled  getting to know you.  So I asked lots of questions!  Wish I had decorated them a little more than I did!  Next ones I make I plan on making really cute ones...

Just wanted to get everyone caught up on my hectic August!