Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dying appliances!

Ok I think we have had it so good for so ling that when our appliances start dying off on by on it gets very frustrating! Several weeks ago our microwave died, which was no surprise to us. We could here it moaning very loudly each time we used it. Then last week I washed Mr. C.'s cell phone. We ended up ordering him one for $600.00 dollars! Ouch!! It is a galaxy 4 s and I am so wanting one as well. The screen is a great size for us to read messages and look at pictures. So I do believe this was a wise decision for him. As we get older our eyesight is not as good as it once was. Then today our washer just died. No warning at all just quit at the start of the rinse cycle. Are you kidding me? The darn washer was only about 3 years old and when we bought it they said it was good for 10 years. In the mean time our furniture store where we bought everything has went out of business after 40 or more years. I know I do a lot of laundry but I don't think I have done 10 years of laundry in 3 years! So now I must try to figure out where to go to get a washer. Remember we live in a rural area of Oklahoma. Which means either Lawton Ok or Oklahoma City. I don't think I can go too long with out this necessity item in my life. I am not to proud to rent to own but it just don't make good fiancé sense to me. It would end up costing double the money instead of just buying it right out! Mmm got to do something thou...

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