Sunday, November 4, 2012

Over at Vanessa's  Blog I seen where several ladies were doing this on Sunday's and thought what a wonderful thing to do.  So I have decided that I want to do this as well.  Of course ya know me that when I lose interest it's all over and done with.  Am thinking at least I would have something to blog about every Sunday.  Here's the link to Vanessa's blog.  Go check her out!! I love reading her blog and have been reading it for awhile.  I won some cute note cards and a cute journal from her awhile back...  

1.    Write 3 pen pal letters this week (hopefully more)
2.    Go to Western Oklahoma to find some real cotton on stalks. 
3.    Bake something sweet to eat.  Am leaning toward no bake cookies and a pina colado cake.
4.    Work on my craft room for a hour

I can achieve my list! I am looking forward to working on it the next several days. 

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