Saturday, September 8, 2012

Update on Mr.C

I haven't been around much asit as been a full time job getting Mr. C back on hiet.  I hope we are on the upward swing .
August 25 th Saturday night he called around 9 pm and he was in lots of pain.  I asked him if I needed to drive the 3 hours to Elk City and get him to the emergency room. He said that he was hoping the pain would go away. At 10 pm he called back and Rodney was taking him on to ER at Elk City. I grab a overnight bag ( had 2 change of clothes in it.) and jumped in car and headed that way. I was flying low that was for sure! They did blood work and such and we were just waiting. They never gave him anything for pain, so he is still in pain. A little before 3 am Dr came in and said his liver enzenes were extremely high. They were going to transport him to Lawton, Ok to Southwestern Hospital where he had gallbladder surgery. Mr. C. said "no Karen can drive me." Dr. said go straight to hospital as if at 3 am we were going to stop and visit with friends or something.: It is raining hard and the back roads to Lawton are twisting and winding. Didn't help that I was familiar with this route at all and I do not see well at night. Am sure Luther was more afraid of my driving that night than EVER before! Took us 3 hours to get to hospital. Elk City had called and got us his room number and instructions and we had all paperwork with us that we just went straight up to second floor surgical wing right to room 206. So here it is 6 am and he is still in pain. Finally at 3 pm he finally gets something for pain.When Dr. O. came in Sunday afternnon he was like did you just wat to see me? Then he said Mr. C's blood work from that morning was just fine. We were like wait they haven't taken any bloodwork here. Then Dr. left room and came back and was like oh I was reading blood work from last week. What a great feeling that was! This is how people die  in hospitals..just saying. So then Dr O has them to do blood work.  He also told Mr. C  that if he had ran dye thru his veins he would have caught the gallstone stuck in his bile duct and wouldn't have had to remove his gallbladder. This little mistake just cost us  about 8 weeks of no income.
So here we are in hospital for a week. On Thursday he has surgery to remove gallstone from bile duct. They also put in a stint in his liver. They went thru his mouth and that wasn't a very good experience for him at all. He said that he thought they were trying to kill him.We finally got to go home Friday.  Now we must try to get paperwork filled out for short term disability thru his work.

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