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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sending Trevor to Falls Creek Church Camp

My baby boy Trevor went to Falls Creek Baptist Church Camp this week.  It was a chore to get him ready.  I went and bought him 3 new shirts and a pair of new swim I thought.  Sunday night at 8pm I show him the swim trunks..he holds them up and says "Mom these aren't swim trunks..whatcha want me to do show everyone my junk?" Good grief I had picked up regular shorts for him.  Now I could understand this mistake if he was my only son but he being the youngest of 3 boys I should have done better.  So we run into the only store in town open  Dollar General and find him the last pair in his size.  Then we picked up new underware, socks and sleep pants as well.  I had been after him for several weeks to go with me and get his list of items he was supose to take but he was way to busy for that kind of interuptions.  Boys!! So instead we do it the night before he leaves. 

Break down  of camp cost..

$90.00     for 6 days of peace and quiet  (mine=priceless)
$90.00    for new clothes and toiltries
$120.00  for his spending money
$15.00    for gatorade donated to church for kids 

His papa Kendall contributed $140.00 toward the over all cost of the camp.  I am blessed to have a step dad who does SO much for the boys and me.  If it was up to me I would have only sent him $60.00 for spending money.. Lakeside Baptist Church will not let my baby go hungry this I know! Trevor will just buy junk and blow thru the spending money. Am hoping he will learn to budget his money one day! 

Am hoping he will have a wonderful time while gone and he will be filled with the spirit of God.