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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Road trip!

Yesterday (Tuesday) I drove 4 hours to Wheeler Texas. Mr. C. had to go back to work early and I told him I was coming to stay a few days with him.  Of course I can't go to work with him, but I plan on taking some photos of the town and exploring a bit. I also will take time to get a few letters wrote as well. I can always find ways to entertain myself.  Mr. C. gets worried that I will be bored. By now that man should know I will find something to waste time on.  (He thinks my pen pals and couponing is waste of time). He has no ideal how much I enjoy writing my friends! ).
      We are staying at Baymont Inn & Suites here at Wheeler Texas.  They are nice rooms. This one hasn't been here too long, so it feels modern and up to date.  Love the huge towels they have in bathroom! I also can't wait to try out the hot tub!
        I need to go down and see what they are having for breakfast this morning.  I would like a cold cup of orange juice.
        Everyone have a great day! I know I will!