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Monday, April 27, 2015

Cozumel Mexico

Cozumel Mexico
In Cozumel Nancy and I did the Dolphin encounter.  It was quite different to kiss a Dolphin. I will admit that I hadn't given a thought to kissing a Dolphin till we booked this excursion. My Dolphin wanted to French kiss me OH MY!  Nancy had a blast as this was always a dream of hers. 
Would I do this excursion again?  If I had Logan with me yes for sure we would do this. But I do not see Blake and Jessica going on a cruise ever. 
I so wish that I had done the Underwater Oxygen Bar.  It looks like a experience to me!
Would you like to do something like this as a excursion?  The cost is only $38.00.. I so should have done this one! You bet I will do this on my next cruise.

                                                                       Fish Pedicure!
Yes Please!  I didn't get this done on my cruise but for sure will do this on next cruise!  What are your thoughts about doing a fish pedicure? 

                                                                    As crazy as it seems I am planning another cruise.  Am leaning toward October 2016.  Only because the cruise is much cheaper than during peak months.  Am thinking we will do same cruise but I will do different excursions.  Just haven't made up my mind which ones.  Although I know I will be doing these two cool things for sure!