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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Liberty cruise ship

                                                             Karen, Julie and Tony
Tony & Julie and Stacy and Dennis 

This was on our formal night in the Main Dining Room.  I love the they color matched each other.  Going with this group was so much fun.  I hope to stay friends with Stacy and Dennis.  They all live over at Lawton Okla so it's hard for me to make time and join them when they are hanging out.  
I really enjoyed being on the Liberty
Compared to last year this cruise was hands down the best!  Seemed like everyone was having a great time.  The workers was extremely nice and helpful.  Loved Marvin he was with the bar staff.  In fact we are Facebook friends! Which is super cool.      
I felt like the food was much better this trip. Entertainment was out of the world.  Loved the shows. I went to several game shows that Frankie hosted.  Loved Frankie as a cruise director.  He has energy and a great personality.