Sunday, May 27, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend

Here in Oklahoma the weather has been beautiful.  It’s in the lower 90’s with a nice breeze.  Mr. C has been outside most of the day.  Brody has been a huge help with grilling.  As always we ended up grilling way too much.  Which should mean leftovers for my lunches this coming week.

This weekend I have missed my loved ones.  Lots of great memories floating around in my mind of my parents.  Miss the family gatherings when mom and Grandma Pearl were here with us.  Each and everyday I miss the wisdom that mom and dad shared with me.

My new job is going okay.  I really am going to love it once I learn more about it.  It’s a learning curve for sure. No comparison to the flower shop at all.  Love the bi-weekly check so I know what my pay is each payday.  Most important I have health coverage.  At my age healthcare is critical.  It only takes a second for a accident to happen.

Will enjoy a paid day off tomorrow!  Wow who doesn’t like being paid to stay home? I’m over here doing the happy dance!  I feel like my new career is opening new doors for me.   Although in all reality I must say I need to give praise to God.  He is the one who has made all things possible.

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