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Friday, April 8, 2011

Trevor Surgery

Took my little guy to the bone and Joint dr because his foot was hurting and it had a huge hard knot on it below his inside ankle. Well guess what?? He was born with a extra bone in his foot and it is bothering him greatly. Which is very rare! So now we are waiting on Oklahoma Children's Hospital to call and get him worked in. I am scared to death for him. Trevor finds it amusing to say the least. His only request is he doesn't want a lot of people there...mmm okay so who does he want to tell that they can't come up? We have a large extended family and very caring so who can come will. That is just how our family rolls.... I have been buying alot on Etsy. I had NO ideal they have some cute journal supplys or scrapbook supplies that I could use in my journals that I do for swap~bot. I have 3 journals I have to send out by Monday which I am already late on. Am so sorry I haven't been staying up to date with this blog. will try to do better this month!