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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Night at home

My boys and I went to my favorite secondhand bookstore today. I cleaned out my bookcases in my craftroom and got rid of lots of books. I had ran out of room and wanted new books to read. I also worked on that messy room for about a hour. It really looks alot better that is for sure! Then they wanted to go to Wal~Mart. Poor ole Trevor can hardly walk and everyone seemed to be looking at him. That part I don't like very well!! Trevor is real good at putting things in the basket when I am not looking. Where as Aaron picked up one item which was a 4~wheeler movie. It doesn't take alot to keep Aaron happy. When we got back into town they wanted to spend time with Coby ( my nephew) so I dropped them off for a couple of hours. When I went back to get them my niece Kaylee wanted to stay the night with me. She was like Aunt Karen I have missed you can I please stay all night. I am like sure. My boys wanted to go out to papa Kendall's for the night. So it is just Kaylee and me and we are working on journals and watching Grease. What a super girls night in we are having that is for sure! Maybe I can talk her into doing pedicures later on tonight!